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BM71 Dynamic Advertising Data

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2018/09/11 15:43:49 (permalink)

BM71 Dynamic Advertising Data

Hi All!  I'm using the BM71 in Manual Mode hosted by an 8051.. I haven't used the Microchip tools (no way to connect it on my board) but was able to get Manual mode running using BKISH's code to reflash the part.
I can send and receive Command Set commands ok but had some questions about the 0x11 "write advertising data" command.. 
If I send it before 0x1c "set advertising enable" it responds with an ok (0x80 0x11 0x00) but then when I connect it is still using using the default name for the device "BM71-BK_ManualMode" rather than the name in the advertising packet I sent..?
If I send the 0x11 write command after the 0x1c enable it responds with (0x80 0x11 0x0c) "not allowed".. Is it not possible to change the advertising data dynamically?
But more importantly, why didn't it use my advertising data?  The BLEDK3 documentation says the first operand byte (after 0x11) is 0x00 "advertising data won't be stored" or 0x80 "Beacon data won't be stored"  ?!?  So what should this byte be if I DO want to store the data?  Shouldn't I be able to just send the 0x11 to update the (up to) 31 byte advertising data then 0x1c to enable advertising?
PS my adv data is 0x0c 0x08 0x09 0x41 0x42 0x43 0x44 0x45 0x46 0x47 0x02 0x01 0x06... Should report as "ABCDEFG"

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