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Hot!Cannot selectpickit 2

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2018/08/09 04:32:54 (permalink)
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Cannot selectpickit 2

Hi everybody,
I'm working with MPBLAB X and I would like to programm a PIC16F1783 with PICKIT2.
But when I have to select, I can't choose PICKIT 2. (Screenshot in attachements)
Does anybody know why ?


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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/09 10:56:35 (permalink)
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    Red light next to PICkit 2 means PICkit 2 doesn't support that device.  PICkit 2 is pretty old.  It looks like PICkit 3 and 4 do support the device.
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/09 11:22:25 (permalink)
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    Your PIC is probably not supported by pickit2.

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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/09 11:48:52 (permalink)
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    Microchip abandoned PICkit 2 quite a few years ago; but...where there's a will...there's a way!
    PICKitPLUS, (Originally built as part of great cow basic free PIC/AVR compiler)
    has been thoroughly overhauled (more than 3000 hours of coding!) and it works very well!
    It works with both PICKit2 and 3 and it has both GUI and command-line versions.
    and has more features than Microchips original offering.(microchip weren't interested...)
    see this page:-


    They are asking for donations for the licence required to get it 'signed' for windows 10,and add further features.

    Supported Parts (so far):-
    PIC16F19155 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003096
    PIC16F19175 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000309A
    PIC16F19176 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000309C
    PIC16F19185 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BA
    PIC16F19186 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BC
    PIC16LF19155 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003097
    PIC16LF19156 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003099
    PIC16LF19175 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000309B
    PIC16LF19176 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000309D
    PIC16LF19185 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BB
    PIC16LF19186 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BD
    PIC18F65K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006800
    PIC18F66K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006AE0
    PIC18F67K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006AC0
    PIC18LF65K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006B60
    PIC18LF66K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006B40
    PIC18LF67K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006B20
    PIC12F1840 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001B80
    PIC18F27K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006960
    PIC18F47K40 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006900
    PIC16F18424 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CA
    PIC16F18425 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CC
    PIC16F18426 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D2
    PIC16F18444 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CE
    PIC16F18445 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D0
    PIC16F18446 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D4
    PIC16F18455 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D7
    PIC16F18456 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D9
    PIC16LF18424 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CB
    PIC16LF18425 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CD
    PIC16LF18426 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D3
    PIC16LF18444 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030CF
    PIC16LF18445 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D1
    PIC16LF18446 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D5
    PIC16LF18455 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030D8
    PIC16LF18456 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030DA
    PIC16F15313 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BE
    PIC16F15323 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C0
    PIC16F15324 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C2
    PIC16F15325 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C6
    PIC16F15344 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C4
    PIC16F15345 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C8
    PIC16F15354 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030AC
    PIC16F15355 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030AE
    PIC16F15356 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B0
    PIC16F15375 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B2
    PIC16F15376 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B4
    PIC16F18313 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003066
    PIC16F18323 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003067
    PIC16F18324 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303A
    PIC16F18325 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303E
    PIC16F18326 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x000030A4
    PIC16F18344 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303B
    PIC16F18345 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303F
    PIC16F18346 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x000030A5
    PIC16F18854 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306A
    PIC16F18856 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003070
    PIC16F18857 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003074
    PIC16F18875 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306D
    PIC16F18876 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003071
    PIC16F18877 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003075
    PIC16F19156 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003098
    PIC16LF15313 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030BF
    PIC16LF15323 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C1
    PIC16LF15324 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C3
    PIC16LF15325 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C7
    PIC16LF15344 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C5
    PIC16LF15345 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030C9
    PIC16LF15354 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030AD
    PIC16LF15355 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030AF
    PIC16LF15356 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B1
    PIC16LF15375 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B3
    PIC16LF15376 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x000030B5
    PIC16LF18313 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003068
    PIC16LF18323 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003069
    PIC16LF18324 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303C
    PIC16LF18325 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003040
    PIC16LF18326 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x000030A6
    PIC16LF18344 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000303D
    PIC16LF18345 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003041
    PIC16LF18346 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x000030A7
    PIC16LF18854 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306B
    PIC16LF18855 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306E
    PIC16LF18856 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003072
    PIC16LF18857 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003076
    PIC16LF18875 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306F
    PIC16LF18876 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003073
    PIC16LF18877 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x00003077
    PIC18F26K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006C60
    PIC18F27K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006C40
    PIC18F45K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006C20
    PIC18F46K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006C00
    PIC18F47K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006BE0
    PIC18F55K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006BC0
    PIC18F56K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006BA0
    PIC18F57K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006B80
    PIC18LF26K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006DA0
    PIC18LF27K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006D80
    PIC18LF45K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006D60
    PIC18LF46K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006D40
    PIC18LF47K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006D20
    PIC18LF55K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006D00
    PIC18LF56K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006CE0
    PIC18LF57K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006CC0
    93LC46A (C x8) EEPROMS/93LCxA,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC46B (C x16) EEPROMS/93LCxB,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC56A (C x8) EEPROMS/93LCxA,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC56B (C x16) EEPROMS/93LCxB,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC66A (C x8) EEPROMS/93LCxA,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC66B (C x16) EEPROMS/93LCxB,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC76A (C x8) EEPROMS/93LCxA,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC76B (C x16) EEPROMS/93LCxB,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC86A (C x8) EEPROMS/93LCxA,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    93LC86B (C x16) EEPROMS/93LCxB,C 0xFFFFFFFF
    dsPIC30F1010 Others/dsPIC30 SMPS 0x00000404
    dsPIC30F2010 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000040
    dsPIC30F2011 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000240
    dsPIC30F2012 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000241
    dsPIC30F2020 Others/dsPIC30 SMPS 0x00000400
    dsPIC30F2023 Others/dsPIC30 SMPS 0x00000403
    dsPIC30F3010 Others/dsPIC30 0x000001C0
    dsPIC30F3011 Others/dsPIC30 0x000001C1
    dsPIC30F3012 Others/dsPIC30 0x000000C1
    dsPIC30F3013 Others/dsPIC30 0x000000C3
    dsPIC30F3014 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000160
    dsPIC30F4011 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000101
    dsPIC30F4012 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000100
    dsPIC30F4013 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000141
    dsPIC30F5011 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000080
    dsPIC30F5013 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000081
    dsPIC30F5015 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000200
    dsPIC30F5016 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000201
    dsPIC30F6010A Others/dsPIC30 0x00000281
    dsPIC30F6011A Others/dsPIC30 0x000002C0
    dsPIC30F6012A Others/dsPIC30 0x000002C2
    dsPIC30F6013A Others/dsPIC30 0x000002C1
    dsPIC30F6014A Others/dsPIC30 0x000002C3
    dsPIC30F6015 Others/dsPIC30 0x00000280
    dsPIC33EP32GP502 Others/dsPIC33 0x00001C0D
    dsPIC33FJ06GS101 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C00
    dsPIC33FJ06GS102 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C01
    dsPIC33FJ06GS202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C02
    dsPIC33FJ128GP202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000625
    dsPIC33FJ128GP204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000627
    dsPIC33FJ128GP206(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000D9
    dsPIC33FJ128GP306(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000E5
    dsPIC33FJ128GP310(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000E7
    dsPIC33FJ128GP706(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000ED
    dsPIC33FJ128GP708(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000EE
    dsPIC33FJ128GP710(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000EF
    dsPIC33FJ128GP802 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000062D
    dsPIC33FJ128GP804 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000062F
    dsPIC33FJ128MC202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000621
    dsPIC33FJ128MC204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000623
    dsPIC33FJ128MC506 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000A1
    dsPIC33FJ128MC510 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000A3
    dsPIC33FJ128MC706 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000A9
    dsPIC33FJ128MC708 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000AE
    dsPIC33FJ128MC710 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000AF
    dsPIC33FJ128MC802 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000629
    dsPIC33FJ128MC804 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000062B
    dsPIC33FJ12GP201 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000802
    dsPIC33FJ12GP202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000803
    dsPIC33FJ12MC201 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000800
    dsPIC33FJ12MC202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000801
    dsPIC33FJ16GP304 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F07
    dsPIC33FJ16GS402 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C04
    dsPIC33FJ16GS404 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C06
    dsPIC33FJ16GS502 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C03
    dsPIC33FJ16GS504 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000C05
    dsPIC33FJ16MC304 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F03
    dsPIC33FJ256GP506 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000F5
    dsPIC33FJ256GP506A Others/dsPIC33 0x000007F5
    dsPIC33FJ256GP510 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000F7
    dsPIC33FJ256GP510A Others/dsPIC33 0x000007F7
    dsPIC33FJ256GP710 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000FF
    dsPIC33FJ256GP710A Others/dsPIC33 0x000007FF
    dsPIC33FJ256MC510 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000B7
    dsPIC33FJ256MC710 Others/dsPIC33 0x000000BF
    dsPIC33FJ32GP202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F0D
    dsPIC33FJ32GP204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F0F
    dsPIC33FJ32GP302 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000605
    dsPIC33FJ32GP304 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000607
    dsPIC33FJ32MC202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F09
    dsPIC33FJ32MC204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000F0B
    dsPIC33FJ32MC302 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000601
    dsPIC33FJ32MC304 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000603
    dsPIC33FJ64GP202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000615
    dsPIC33FJ64GP204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000617
    dsPIC33FJ64GP206(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000C1
    dsPIC33FJ64GP306(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000CD
    dsPIC33FJ64GP310(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000CF
    dsPIC33FJ64GP706(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000D5
    dsPIC33FJ64GP708(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000D6
    dsPIC33FJ64GP710(A) Others/dsPIC33 0x000000D7
    dsPIC33FJ64GP802 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000061D
    dsPIC33FJ64GP804 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000061F
    dsPIC33FJ64GS608 Others/dsPIC33 0x00004005
    dsPIC33FJ64MC202 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000611
    dsPIC33FJ64MC204 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000613
    dsPIC33FJ64MC506 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000089
    dsPIC33FJ64MC508 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000008A
    dsPIC33FJ64MC510 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000008B
    dsPIC33FJ64MC706 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000091
    dsPIC33FJ64MC710 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000097
    dsPIC33FJ64MC802 Others/dsPIC33 0x00000619
    dsPIC33FJ64MC804 Others/dsPIC33 0x0000061B
    HCS360 Others/KEELOQ?? HCS 0xFFFFFF36
    HCS361 Others/KEELOQ?? HCS 0xFFFFFF36
    MCP25020 Others/MCP250xx 0xFFFFFFFF
    MCP25025 Others/MCP250xx 0xFFFFFFFF
    MCP25050 Others/MCP250xx 0xFFFFFFFF
    MCP25055 Others/MCP250xx 0xFFFFFFFF
    PIC10F200 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F202 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F204 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F206 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F220 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F222 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC10F320 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000029A0
    PIC10F322 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002980
    PIC10LF320 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000029E0
    PIC10LF322 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000029C0
    PIC12F1501 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002CC0
    PIC12F1571 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003051
    PIC12F1572 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003050
    PIC12F1612 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003058
    PIC12F1822 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002700
    PIC12F508 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC12F509 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC12F510 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC12F519 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC12F609 Midrange/Standard 0x00002240
    PIC12F615 Midrange/Standard 0x00002180
    PIC12F617 Midrange/Standard 0x00001360
    PIC12F629 Midrange/Standard 0x00000F80
    PIC12F635 Midrange/Standard 0x00000FA0
    PIC12F675 Midrange/Standard 0x00000FC0
    PIC12F683 Midrange/Standard 0x00000460
    PIC12F752 Midrange/Standard 0x00001500
    PIC12HV609 Midrange/Standard 0x00002280
    PIC12HV615 Midrange/Standard 0x000021A0
    PIC12HV752 Midrange/Standard 0x00001520
    PIC12LF1501 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002D80
    PIC12LF1571 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003053
    PIC12LF1572 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003052
    PIC12LF1612 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003059
    PIC12LF1822 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002800
    PIC12LF1840 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001BC0
    PIC16C83 Midrange/NoDeviceId 0x00003FE0
    PIC16C84 Midrange/NoDeviceId 0x00003FE0
    PIC16F1454 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003020
    PIC16F1455 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003021
    PIC16F1459 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003023
    PIC16F1503 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002CE0
    PIC16F1507 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002D00
    PIC16F1508 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002D20
    PIC16F1509 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002D40
    PIC16F1512 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001700
    PIC16F1513 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001640
    PIC16F1516 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001680
    PIC16F1517 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000016A0
    PIC16F1518 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000016C0
    PIC16F1519 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000016E0
    PIC16F1526 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001580
    PIC16F1527 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000015A0
    PIC16F1574 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003000
    PIC16F1575 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003001
    PIC16F1578 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003002
    PIC16F1579 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003003
    PIC16F1613 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000304C
    PIC16F1614 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003078
    PIC16F1615 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307C
    PIC16F1618 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003079
    PIC16F1619 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307D
    PIC16F1703 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003061
    PIC16F1704 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003043
    PIC16F1705 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003055
    PIC16F1707 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003060
    PIC16F1708 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003042
    PIC16F1709 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003054
    PIC16F1713 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003049
    PIC16F1716 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003048
    PIC16F1717 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305C
    PIC16F1718 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305B
    PIC16F1719 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305A
    PIC16F1764 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003080
    PIC16F1765 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003081
    PIC16F1768 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003084
    PIC16F1769 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003085
    PIC16F1773 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308A
    PIC16F1776 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308B
    PIC16F1777 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308E
    PIC16F1778 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308F
    PIC16F1779 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003090
    PIC16F1782 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002A00
    PIC16F1783 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002A20
    PIC16F1784 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002A40
    PIC16F1786 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002A60
    PIC16F1787 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002A80
    PIC16F1788 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x0000302B
    PIC16F1789 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x0000302A
    PIC16F1823 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002720
    PIC16F1824 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002740
    PIC16F1825 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002760
    PIC16F1826 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002780
    PIC16F1827 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000027A0
    PIC16F1828 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000027C0
    PIC16F1829 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000027E0
    PIC16F1847 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001480
    PIC16F18855 Midrange/1.8V Min MSB1st 0x0000306C
    PIC16F1933 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002300
    PIC16F1934 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002340
    PIC16F1936 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002360
    PIC16F1937 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002380
    PIC16F1938 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000023A0
    PIC16F1939 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000023C0
    PIC16F1946 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002500
    PIC16F1947 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002520
    PIC16F505 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F506 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F526 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F527 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F54 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F57 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F570 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F59 Baseline 0x0000FFFF
    PIC16F610 Midrange/Standard 0x00002260
    PIC16F616 Midrange/Standard 0x00001240
    PIC16F627 Midrange/Standard 0x000007A0
    PIC16F627A Midrange/Standard 0x00001040
    PIC16F628 Midrange/Standard 0x000007C0
    PIC16F628A Midrange/Standard 0x00001060
    PIC16F630 Midrange/Standard 0x000010C0
    PIC16F631 Midrange/Standard 0x00001420
    PIC16F636 (639) Midrange/Standard 0x000010A0
    PIC16F648A Midrange/Standard 0x00001100
    PIC16F676 Midrange/Standard 0x000010E0
    PIC16F677 Midrange/Standard 0x00001440
    PIC16F684 Midrange/Standard 0x00001080
    PIC16F685 Midrange/Standard 0x000004A0
    PIC16F687 Midrange/Standard 0x00001320
    PIC16F688 Midrange/Standard 0x00001180
    PIC16F689 Midrange/Standard 0x00001340
    PIC16F690 Midrange/Standard 0x00001400
    PIC16F707 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001AC0
    PIC16F716 Midrange/Standard 0x00001140
    PIC16F72 Midrange/Standard 0x000000A0
    PIC16F720 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001C00
    PIC16F721 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001C20
    PIC16F722 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001880
    PIC16F722A Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001B20
    PIC16F723 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001860
    PIC16F723A Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001B00
    PIC16F724 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001840
    PIC16F726 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001820
    PIC16F727 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001800
    PIC16F73 Midrange/Standard 0x00000600
    PIC16F737 Midrange/Standard 0x00000BA0
    PIC16F74 Midrange/Standard 0x00000620
    PIC16F747 Midrange/Standard 0x00000BE0
    PIC16F753 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003030
    PIC16F76 Midrange/Standard 0x00000640
    PIC16F767 Midrange/Standard 0x00000EA0
    PIC16F77 Midrange/Standard 0x00000660
    PIC16F777 Midrange/Standard 0x00000DE0
    PIC16F785 Midrange/Standard 0x00001200
    PIC16F818 Midrange/Standard 0x000004C0
    PIC16F819 Midrange/Standard 0x000004E0
    PIC16F83 Midrange/NoDeviceId 0x00003FE0
    PIC16F84 Midrange/NoDeviceId 0x00003FE0
    PIC16F84A Midrange/Standard 0x00000560
    PIC16F87 Midrange/Standard 0x00000720
    PIC16F870 Midrange/Standard 0x00000D00
    PIC16F871 Midrange/Standard 0x00000D20
    PIC16F872 Midrange/Standard 0x000008E0
    PIC16F873 Midrange/Standard 0x00000960
    PIC16F873A Midrange/Standard 0x00000E40
    PIC16F874 Midrange/Standard 0x00000920
    PIC16F874A Midrange/Standard 0x00000E60
    PIC16F876 Midrange/Standard 0x000009E0
    PIC16F876A Midrange/Standard 0x00000E00
    PIC16F877 Midrange/Standard 0x000009A0
    PIC16F877A Midrange/Standard 0x00000E20
    PIC16F88 Midrange/Standard 0x00000760
    PIC16F882 Midrange/Standard 0x00002000
    PIC16F883 Midrange/Standard 0x00002020
    PIC16F884 Midrange/Standard 0x00002040
    PIC16F886 Midrange/Standard 0x00002060
    PIC16F887 Midrange/Standard 0x00002080
    PIC16F913 Midrange/Standard 0x000013E0
    PIC16F914 Midrange/Standard 0x000013C0
    PIC16F916 Midrange/Standard 0x000013A0
    PIC16F917 Midrange/Standard 0x00001380
    PIC16F946 Midrange/Standard 0x00001460
    PIC16HV610 Midrange/Standard 0x000022A0
    PIC16HV616 Midrange/Standard 0x00001260
    PIC16HV753 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003031
    PIC16HV785 Midrange/Standard 0x00001220
    PIC16LF1454 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003024
    PIC16LF1455 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003025
    PIC16LF1459 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003027
    PIC16LF1503 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002DA0
    PIC16LF1507 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002DC0
    PIC16LF1508 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002DE0
    PIC16LF1509 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002E00
    PIC16LF1512 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001720
    PIC16LF1513 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001740
    PIC16LF1516 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001780
    PIC16LF1517 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000017A0
    PIC16LF1518 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000017C0
    PIC16LF1519 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000017E0
    PIC16LF1526 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000015C0
    PIC16LF1527 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000015E0
    PIC16LF1574 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003004
    PIC16LF1575 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003005
    PIC16LF1578 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003006
    PIC16LF1579 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003007
    PIC16LF1613 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000304D
    PIC16LF1614 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307A
    PIC16LF1615 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307E
    PIC16LF1618 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307B
    PIC16LF1619 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000307F
    PIC16LF1703 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003063
    PIC16LF1704 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003045
    PIC16LF1705 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003057
    PIC16LF1707 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003062
    PIC16LF1708 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003044
    PIC16LF1709 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003056
    PIC16LF1713 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000304B
    PIC16LF1716 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000304A
    PIC16LF1717 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305F
    PIC16LF1718 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305E
    PIC16LF1719 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000305D
    PIC16LF1764 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003082
    PIC16LF1765 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003083
    PIC16LF1768 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003086
    PIC16LF1769 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003087
    PIC16LF1773 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308C
    PIC16LF1776 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x0000308D
    PIC16LF1777 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003091
    PIC16LF1778 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003092
    PIC16LF1779 Midrange/1.8v MinII 0x00003093
    PIC16LF1782 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002AA0
    PIC16LF1782 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002AA0
    PIC16LF1783 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002AC0
    PIC16LF1784 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002AE0
    PIC16LF1786 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002B00
    PIC16LF1787 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002B20
    PIC16LF1789 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x0000302C
    PIC16LF1823 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002820
    PIC16LF1824 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002840
    PIC16LF1825 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002860
    PIC16LF1826 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002880
    PIC16LF1827 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000028A0
    PIC16LF1828 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000028C0
    PIC16LF1829 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000028E0
    PIC16LF1847 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000014A0
    PIC16LF1902 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002C20
    PIC16LF1903 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002C00
    PIC16LF1904 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002C80
    PIC16LF1906 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002C60
    PIC16LF1907 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002C40
    PIC16LF1933 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002400
    PIC16LF1934 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002440
    PIC16LF1936 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002460
    PIC16LF1937 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002480
    PIC16LF1938 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000024A0
    PIC16LF1939 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000024C0
    PIC16LF1946 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00002580
    PIC16LF1947 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x000025A0
    PIC16LF707 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001AE0
    PIC16LF720 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001C40
    PIC16LF721 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001C60
    PIC16LF722 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001980
    PIC16LF722A Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001B60
    PIC16LF723 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001960
    PIC16LF723A Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001B40
    PIC16LF724 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001940
    PIC16LF726 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001920
    PIC16LF727 Midrange/1.8V Min 0x00001900
    PIC18F1220 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000007E0
    PIC18F1230 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001E00
    PIC18F1320 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000007C0
    PIC18F1330 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001E20
    PIC18F1330-ICD PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001FE0
    PIC18F13K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004F40
    PIC18F13K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004740
    PIC18F14K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004F20
    PIC18F14K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004760
    PIC18F14K50-ICD PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x000047A0
    PIC18F2220 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000580
    PIC18F2221 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002160
    PIC18F2320 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000500
    PIC18F2321 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002120
    PIC18F2331 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000008E0
    PIC18F23K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x000020E0
    PIC18F23K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005740
    PIC18F2410 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001160
    PIC18F242 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000480
    PIC18F2420 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001140
    PIC18F2423 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001150
    PIC18F2431 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000008C0
    PIC18F2450 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002420
    PIC18F2455 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001260
    PIC18F2458 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002A60
    PIC18F248 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000800
    PIC18F2480 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001AE0
    PIC18F24J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001D00
    PIC18F24J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004D80
    PIC18F24J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004C00
    PIC18F24K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x000020A0
    PIC18F24K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005640
    PIC18F24K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006CA0
    PIC18F24K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005C30
    PIC18F2510 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001120
    PIC18F2515 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000CE0
    PIC18F252 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000400
    PIC18F2520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001100
    PIC18F2523 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001110
    PIC18F2525 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000CC0
    PIC18F2550 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001240
    PIC18F2553 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002A40
    PIC18F258 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000840
    PIC18F2580 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001AC0
    PIC18F2585 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000EE0
    PIC18F25J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001C00
    PIC18F25J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004DA0
    PIC18F25J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004C20
    PIC18F25K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00002060
    PIC18F25K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005540
    PIC18F25K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006C80
    PIC18F25K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005C20
    PIC18F25K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006180
    PIC18F2610 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000CA0
    PIC18F2620 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000C80
    PIC18F2680 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000EC0
    PIC18F2682 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002700
    PIC18F2685 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002720
    PIC18F26J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004DC0
    PIC18F26J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005920
    PIC18F26J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004C40
    PIC18F26J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005820
    PIC18F26K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00002020
    PIC18F26K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005440
    PIC18F26K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005D10
    PIC18F26K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006120
    PIC18F27J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005960
    PIC18F27J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005860
    PIC18F4220 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000005A0
    PIC18F4221 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002140
    PIC18F4320 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000520
    PIC18F4321 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002100
    PIC18F4331 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000008A0
    PIC18F43K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x000020C0
    PIC18F43K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005700
    PIC18F4410 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000010E0
    PIC18F442 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000004A0
    PIC18F4420 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000010C0
    PIC18F4423 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000010D0
    PIC18F4431 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000880
    PIC18F4450 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002400
    PIC18F4455 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001220
    PIC18F4458 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002A20
    PIC18F448 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000820
    PIC18F4480 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001AA0
    PIC18F44J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001D20
    PIC18F44J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004DE0
    PIC18F44J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004C60
    PIC18F44K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00002080
    PIC18F44K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005600
    PIC18F4510 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000010A0
    PIC18F4515 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000C60
    PIC18F452 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000420
    PIC18F4520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001080
    PIC18F4523 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001090
    PIC18F4525 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000C40
    PIC18F4550 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001200
    PIC18F4553 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002A00
    PIC18F458 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000860
    PIC18F4580 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001A80
    PIC18F4585 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000EA0
    PIC18F45J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001C20
    PIC18F45J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004E00
    PIC18F45J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004C80
    PIC18F45K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00002040
    PIC18F45K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005500
    PIC18F45K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005C00
    PIC18F45K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006160
    PIC18F4610 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000C20
    PIC18F4620 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000C00
    PIC18F4680 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000E80
    PIC18F4682 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002740
    PIC18F4685 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00002760
    PIC18F46J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004E20
    PIC18F46J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005BA0
    PIC18F46J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004CA0
    PIC18F46J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000058A0
    PIC18F46K20 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00002000
    PIC18F46K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005400
    PIC18F46K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005D00
    PIC18F46K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006100
    PIC18F47J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000059E0
    PIC18F47J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000058E0
    PIC18F6310 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000BE0
    PIC18F6390 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000BA0
    PIC18F6393 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001A00
    PIC18F63J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003900
    PIC18F63J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003800
    PIC18F6410 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000006E0
    PIC18F6490 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000006A0
    PIC18F6493 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000E00
    PIC18F64J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003920
    PIC18F64J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003820
    PIC18F6520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000B20
    PIC18F6525 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000AE0
    PIC18F6527 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001340
    PIC18F6585 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000A60
    PIC18F65J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001520
    PIC18F65J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003960
    PIC18F65J15 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001540
    PIC18F65J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004100
    PIC18F65J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003860
    PIC18F65K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006140
    PIC18F65K90 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005240
    PIC18F6620 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000660
    PIC18F6621 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000AA0
    PIC18F6622 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001380
    PIC18F6627 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000013C0
    PIC18F6628 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000049C0
    PIC18F6680 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000A20
    PIC18F66J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001560
    PIC18F66J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004440
    PIC18F66J15 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001580
    PIC18F66J16 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004460
    PIC18F66J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004140
    PIC18F66J55 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004160
    PIC18F66J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001800
    PIC18F66J65 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001F00
    PIC18F66J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005000
    PIC18F66K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x000060E0
    PIC18F6720 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000620
    PIC18F6722 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001400
    PIC18F6723 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00004A00
    PIC18F67J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000015A0
    PIC18F67J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004480
    PIC18F67J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004180
    PIC18F67J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001F20
    PIC18F67J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005020
    PIC18F8310 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000BC0
    PIC18F8390 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000B80
    PIC18F8393 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001A20
    PIC18F83J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003980
    PIC18F83J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00003880
    PIC18F8410 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000006C0
    PIC18F8490 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000680
    PIC18F8493 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000E20
    PIC18F84J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000039A0
    PIC18F84J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000038A0
    PIC18F8520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000B00
    PIC18F8525 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000AC0
    PIC18F8527 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001360
    PIC18F8585 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000A40
    PIC18F85J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000015E0
    PIC18F85J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000039E0
    PIC18F85J15 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001700
    PIC18F85J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000041A0
    PIC18F85J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000038E0
    PIC18F8620 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000640
    PIC18F8621 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000A80
    PIC18F8622 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000013A0
    PIC18F8627 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000013E0
    PIC18F8628 PIC18/PIC18F 0x000049E0
    PIC18F8680 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000A00
    PIC18F86J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001720
    PIC18F86J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000044E0
    PIC18F86J15 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001740
    PIC18F86J16 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004500
    PIC18F86J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000041E0
    PIC18F86J55 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004200
    PIC18F86J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001820
    PIC18F86J65 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001F40
    PIC18F86J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005080
    PIC18F8720 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000600
    PIC18F8722 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00001420
    PIC18F8723 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00004A20
    PIC18F87J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001760
    PIC18F87J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004520
    PIC18F87J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004220
    PIC18F87J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001F60
    PIC18F87J90 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x000050A0
    PIC18F96J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001840
    PIC18F96J65 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001F80
    PIC18F97J60 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001FA0
    PIC18LF13K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004F80
    PIC18LF13K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004700
    PIC18LF14K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004F60
    PIC18LF14K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004720
    PIC18LF14K50-ICD PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00004B80
    PIC18LF23K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005760
    PIC18LF24J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001D40
    PIC18LF24J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004E40
    PIC18LF24J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004CC0
    PIC18LF24K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005660
    PIC18LF24K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006DE0
    PIC18LF24K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005CE0
    PIC18LF25J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001C40
    PIC18LF25J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004E60
    PIC18LF25J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004CE0
    PIC18LF25K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005560
    PIC18LF25K42 PIC18/PIC18F MSB1st 0x00006DC0
    PIC18LF25K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005CA0
    PIC18LF25K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006260
    PIC18LF26J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004E80
    PIC18LF26J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005B20
    PIC18LF26J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004D00
    PIC18LF26J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005A20
    PIC18LF26K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005460
    PIC18LF26K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005D30
    PIC18LF26K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006200
    PIC18LF27J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005B60
    PIC18LF27J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005A60
    PIC18LF43K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005720
    PIC18LF44J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001D60
    PIC18LF44J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004EA0
    PIC18LF44J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004D20
    PIC18LF44K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005620
    PIC18LF45J10 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00001C60
    PIC18LF45J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004EC0
    PIC18LF45J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004D40
    PIC18LF45K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005520
    PIC18LF45K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005C80
    PIC18LF45K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006240
    PIC18LF46J11 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004EE0
    PIC18LF46J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005BA0
    PIC18LF46J50 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00004D60
    PIC18LF46J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005AA0
    PIC18LF46K22 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005420
    PIC18LF46K50 PIC18/PIC18F_K_ 0x00005D40
    PIC18LF46K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x000061E0
    PIC18LF47J13 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005BE0
    PIC18LF47J53 PIC18/PIC18F_J_ 0x00005AE0
    PIC18LF6520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000B30
    PIC18LF65K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x00006220
    PIC18LF66K80 PIC18/PIC18F_K80 0x000061C0
    PIC18LF8520 PIC18/PIC18F 0x00000B10
    PIC24F04KA200 Others/PIC24 0x00000D02
    PIC24F04KA201 Others/PIC24 0x00000D00
    PIC24F08KA101 Others/PIC24 0x00000B08
    PIC24F08KA102 Others/PIC24 0x00000B0A
    PIC24F08KL200 Others/PIC24 0x00004B05
    PIC24F16KA101 Others/PIC24 0x00000B01
    PIC24F16KA102 Others/PIC24 0x00000B03
    PIC24F32KA301 Others/PIC24 0x00004518
    PIC24FJ128GA006 Others/PIC24 0x00000407
    PIC24FJ128GA008 Others/PIC24 0x0000040A
    PIC24FJ128GA010 Others/PIC24 0x0000040D
    PIC24FJ128GA106 Others/PIC24 0x00001008
    PIC24FJ128GA108 Others/PIC24 0x0000100A
    PIC24FJ128GA110 Others/PIC24 0x0000100E
    PIC24FJ128GB106 Others/PIC24 0x00001009
    PIC24FJ128GB108 Others/PIC24 0x0000100B
    PIC24FJ128GB110 Others/PIC24 0x0000100F
    PIC24FJ16GA002 Others/PIC24 0x00000444
    PIC24FJ16GA004 Others/PIC24 0x0000044C
    PIC24FJ192GA106 Others/PIC24 0x00001010
    PIC24FJ192GA108 Others/PIC24 0x00001012
    PIC24FJ192GA110 Others/PIC24 0x00001016
    PIC24FJ192GB106 Others/PIC24 0x00001011
    PIC24FJ192GB108 Others/PIC24 0x00001013
    PIC24FJ192GB110 Others/PIC24 0x00001017
    PIC24FJ256GA106 Others/PIC24 0x00001018
    PIC24FJ256GA108 Others/PIC24 0x0000101A
    PIC24FJ256GA110 Others/PIC24 0x0000101E
    PIC24FJ256GB106 Others/PIC24 0x00001019
    PIC24FJ256GB108 Others/PIC24 0x0000101B
    PIC24FJ256GB110 Others/PIC24 0x0000101F
    PIC24FJ32GA002 Others/PIC24 0x00000445
    PIC24FJ32GA004 Others/PIC24 0x0000044D
    PIC24FJ32GA102 Others/PIC24 0x00004202
    PIC24FJ32GA104 Others/PIC24 0x0000420A
    PIC24FJ32GB002 Others/PIC24 0x00004203
    PIC24FJ32GB004 Others/PIC24 0x0000420B
    PIC24FJ48GA002 Others/PIC24 0x00000446
    PIC24FJ48GA004 Others/PIC24 0x0000044E
    PIC24FJ64GA002 Others/PIC24 0x00000447
    PIC24FJ64GA004 Others/PIC24 0x0000044F
    PIC24FJ64GA006 Others/PIC24 0x00000405
    PIC24FJ64GA008 Others/PIC24 0x00000408
    PIC24FJ64GA010 Others/PIC24 0x0000040B
    PIC24FJ64GA102 Others/PIC24 0x00004206
    PIC24FJ64GA104 Others/PIC24 0x0000420E
    PIC24FJ64GB002 Others/PIC24 0x00004207
    PIC24FJ64GB004 Others/PIC24 0x0000420F
    PIC24FJ64GB106 Others/PIC24 0x00001001
    PIC24FJ64GB108 Others/PIC24 0x00001003
    PIC24FJ64GB110 Others/PIC24 0x00001007
    PIC24FJ96GA006 Others/PIC24 0x00000406
    PIC24FJ96GA008 Others/PIC24 0x00000409
    PIC24FJ96GA010 Others/PIC24 0x0000040C
    PIC24FV32KA301 Others/PIC24 0x00004519
    PIC24HJ128GP202 Others/PIC24 0x00000665
    PIC24HJ128GP204 Others/PIC24 0x00000667
    PIC24HJ128GP206 Others/PIC24 0x0000005D
    PIC24HJ128GP210 Others/PIC24 0x0000005F
    PIC24HJ128GP306 Others/PIC24 0x00000065
    PIC24HJ128GP310 Others/PIC24 0x00000067
    PIC24HJ128GP502 Others/PIC24 0x0000067D
    PIC24HJ128GP504 Others/PIC24 0x0000067F
    PIC24HJ128GP506 Others/PIC24 0x00000061
    PIC24HJ128GP510 Others/PIC24 0x00000063
    PIC24HJ12GP201 Others/PIC24 0x0000080A
    PIC24HJ12GP202 Others/PIC24 0x0000080B
    PIC24HJ16GP304 Others/PIC24 0x00000F17
    PIC24HJ256GP206 Others/PIC24 0x00000071
    PIC24HJ256GP210 Others/PIC24 0x00000073
    PIC24HJ256GP610 Others/PIC24 0x0000007B
    PIC24HJ32GP202 Others/PIC24 0x00000F1D
    PIC24HJ32GP204 Others/PIC24 0x00000F1F
    PIC24HJ32GP302 Others/PIC24 0x00000645
    PIC24HJ32GP304 Others/PIC24 0x00000647
    PIC24HJ64GP202 Others/PIC24 0x00000655
    PIC24HJ64GP204 Others/PIC24 0x00000657
    PIC24HJ64GP206 Others/PIC24 0x00000041
    PIC24HJ64GP210 Others/PIC24 0x00000047
    PIC24HJ64GP502 Others/PIC24 0x00000675
    PIC24HJ64GP504 Others/PIC24 0x00000677
    PIC24HJ64GP506 Others/PIC24 0x00000049
    PIC24HJ64GP510 Others/PIC24 0x0000004B
    PIC32MX150F128B Others/PIC32 0x04D06053
    PIC32MX210F016B Others/PIC32 0x04A01053
    PIC32MX220F032B Others/PIC32 0x04A00053
    PIC32MX230F064B Others/PIC32 0x04D01053
    PIC32MX250F128B Others/PIC32 0x04D00053
    PIC32MX320F032H Others/PIC32 0x00002000
    PIC32MX320F064H Others/PIC32 0x00006000
    PIC32MX320F128H Others/PIC32 0x0000A000
    PIC32MX320F128L Others/PIC32 0x0002A000
    PIC32MX340F128H Others/PIC32 0x0000D000
    PIC32MX340F128L Others/PIC32 0x0002D000
    PIC32MX340F256H Others/PIC32 0x00012000
    PIC32MX340F512H Others/PIC32 0x00016000
    PIC32MX360F256L Others/PIC32 0x00034000
    PIC32MX360F512L Others/PIC32 0x00038000
    PIC32MX420F032H Others/PIC32 0x00042000
    PIC32MX440F128H Others/PIC32 0x0004D000
    PIC32MX440F128L Others/PIC32 0x0006D000
    PIC32MX440F256H Others/PIC32 0x00052000
    PIC32MX440F512H Others/PIC32 0x00056000
    PIC32MX460F256L Others/PIC32 0x00074000
    PIC32MX460F512L Others/PIC32 0x00078000
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/09 11:54:58 (permalink)
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    Maybe you could make use of code tags as Ian explains in this post https://www.microchip.com..ums/m777101.aspx#777101
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/09 16:41:11 (permalink)
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    Microchip have long ago stopped updating the software used together with PICkit 2 for new microcontroller devices.
    They did publish source code for PICkit 2 firmware and the standalone programmer application.
    There are some forum members that have done a number of updates to the
    standalone PICkit 2 Programmer Application and device file to handle all the new PIC16 and PIC18 devices.
    You may see this thread: https://www.microchip.com/forums/FindPost/1047644
    It seem they want some payment before giving a link to the updated software.
    This doesn't mean that MPLAB X will be able to use PICkit 2 for programming and debugging itself.
    You will have to make MPLAB X export a .hex file for use with PICkit 2+ Programming Application.
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/10 11:06:23 (permalink)
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    I guess it comes down to your hourly rate, but I think PICkit 4's sell for a bit less than $50 US?
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/10 11:11:58 (permalink)
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    And a 20% discount
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    Re: Cannot selectpickit 2 2018/08/10 12:42:28 (permalink)
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    The Curiosity development board for PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 
    in 8-pin, 14-pin and 20-pin  PDIP packages, are currently on offer on Microchip direct,
    at 50 % discount from the list price of 20$.
    The PKOB programmer & debug tool that is included on the board,
    is a PICkit 3 processor and PICkit 3 firmware and software, with the limitation that it have no HV programming charge pump, so must be used in LVP programming mode for all devices that may be programmed in LVP mode without a PGM pin.
    It may be used with some 300 devices in PIC12 and PIC16(L)F1xxx and PIC16(L)F1xxxx families,
    including PIC16F1783 and PIC16LF1783.
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