Hot!Help ! Make an Ethernet connection with a PIC (PIC18F)

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2018/05/11 00:34:05 (permalink)

Help ! Make an Ethernet connection with a PIC (PIC18F)

Hello everybody,
I have a project to realize for my internship, which is to upgrade the electronic components of the company mainly equipped with microcontrollers type (PIC18F87J60), in this project, I would be brought to use new network protocols (following the standard), being a beginner in the programming of PICs, I find myself a little blocked to start the project. My questions are:
- Can you give me sites to find good documentation (also tutorials) on PICs network programming.
- Knowing that I use CCS V5 as a programming environment and the Wireshark terminal to view the frames, can you give me links to find simple codes (like turning on a led, or doing a client / server dialogue with a computer and the PIC via an ethernet port)
Thank you
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Re: Help ! Make an Ethernet connection with a PIC (PIC18F) 2018/06/30 10:04:56 (permalink)
First of all you have to follow the TCP/IP protocols so you would need a stack or a communication circuit using one (such as a Wiznet module) and then you will need a boot loader in all the electronics to be updated.
Good luck / Ruben
Jim Nickerson
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Re: Help ! Make an Ethernet connection with a PIC (PIC18F) 2018/06/30 10:31:37 (permalink)
Those that assigned you this task seem to be under the impression you have the prerequisite skills to accomplish this task.
I wonder what training you might have ?
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Re: Help ! Make an Ethernet connection with a PIC (PIC18F) 2018/06/30 11:23:27 (permalink)
If you are using CCS V5 as a programming environment, then it's probably best to post in CCS forum:
XC8 compiler, your starting point can be to use TCP/IP Stack, there are various examples in Microchip Libraries for Applications TCPIP (with Wi-Fi® support only with current version):
Depending on your requirements, there is a TCP/IP lite stack that you can use with MCC, Microchip TCP/IP Lite Stack application note AN1921 explains in details how to use it with some code examples:
This simple ping example using Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller can also be useful:

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