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Hot!PICkit4 USB On The Go

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Re: PICkit4 USB On The Go 2019/07/11 01:31:06 (permalink)
June has passed, How about PTG
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Re: PICkit4 USB On The Go 2019/07/11 08:14:16 (permalink)

Go Navy! Beat Army!
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Re: PICkit4 USB On The Go 2019/07/11 09:52:05 (permalink)
The New Microchip Target is a Beta Version at the end of July.
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Re: PICkit4 USB On The Go 2019/07/11 09:57:15 (permalink)
July which year? They are promising lying about PTG release date for nearly two years!
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Re: PICkit4 USB On The Go 2019/07/11 15:26:03 (permalink)
Let’s face it, MPLABX is based on two crappy softwares called Java and Netbeans. As the MPLAX development team isn’t even able to resolve already long known issues, there is no time to spend for adding additional functionality. In fact I’d prefer that they fix the known issues prior to implementing another bugged feature causing more known issues.

I’d guess that after the acquisition of Atmel a lot of man power has been invested / wasted for integrating their devices into MPLABX. This would have been fine if MPLAB X would have been working flawlessly prior to Atmel’s acquisition. As it doesn’t, I’m almost sure that adding Atmel’s devices to MPLAX was a brain dead marketing requirement. Atmel had  a complete development suite free of charge (including the compilers, by the way). The great achievement of Microchip’s marketing by doing so is to annoy former Atmel and long term Microchip customers. Well done, marketing guys! When will marketing guys realize that engineers don’t buy the usual marketing bullshit, but rely on facts? Most likely, never.

Perhaps i’m sounding old fashioned, but IMHO at least the very basic functionality should be working as intended prior to implementing new features causing new bugs…

From the 5.15 release notes: (known issues):

MPLABX-4122    Any changes in the project properties window has no impact on the project.    All Devices

So please get the most basic things to work before even think about adding additional "functionality“ which presumably won’t work as intended as well…
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