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2018/02/13 10:01:17 (permalink)

Watch Variable

Hello Forum,
i start a Project with a PIC12F1572  in MPLABX 4.05 .
I wrote my Code in Assembler. I definded the variable in that way
cblock 0x70
When i use the Simlator and  debug main Projekt i see only the STATUS and W Register in the watch window .
By stopping the Debugger in the watch window i can see the Var's who's  added from me .
Please can anybody explain what's wrong with my work.
Thanks for help 

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    Re: Watch Variable 2018/02/14 08:57:40 (permalink)
    Moved this to MPLAB X IDE forum.  I know this has something to do with the debug information available from the assembler, but don't know the details.  I suspect folks in the MPLAB X IDE forum can offer more cogent advice.
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    Re: Watch Variable 2018/02/28 13:36:05 (permalink)
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    Yes, this is because the cblock is similar to using EQU statements, which equates a name to a constant number, which just happens to be an address.  Therefore, the debug file that is being used does not recognize this to be a variable.  This is why you cannot see it as a watch variable.  If you use the RES statement using relocatable builds, the debug file will let the IDE know that this is a variable.  Hopefully that answers the question.
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