2016/02/16 02:48:45
In order for the MCC Support Team to provide support faster and resolve any MCC issue you may experience, we recommend you fill in the following checklist and add it to your posts. Alternatively, you can zip up your entire project and attach it to your post or send it to MCC_Support@microchip.com.
MCC version:    
(In MPLAB X, go to Tools -> Plugins -> Installed -> click on MPLAB® Code Configurator -> Check Version)
MPLAB X version:    
(Check MPLAB X window title)
Operating System and version:    
(i.e. Windows 7 Home Edition, MAC OS X 10.8)
Compiler version:    
(In MPLAB X, right click on your project -> Properties -> Compiler Toolchan -> Check XC8/XC16 version)
Device name:    
(The device you are generating code for using MCC)
Attach your MCC Configuration file:    
(You can find it in the project folder. The file extension is .mc3)
Attach your IDE Log:    
(In MPLAB X, go to View -> IDE Log -> Copy the entire contents of the log and save it to a text file.)
Attach any useful screenshots:
(.png, .jpg, .gif)
Thank you for using MCC!
The MCC Support Team
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