2015/05/12 17:43:17
Hello and welcome to the MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) forum.
The MPLAB® Code Configurator generates seamless, easy to understand C code that is inserted into your project. It enables, configures and utilizes a rich set of peripherals for 8 & 16-bit MCU’s. It is integrated into MPLAB® X IDE to provide a very powerful and extremely easy to use development platform.
You can start using the plugin today. To get it you can:
  • Install directly from MPLAB X (requires an active Internet Connection):
    • In MPLAB X go to the "Tools" menu
    • Select "Plugins"
    • Select "Available Plugins"
    • Search for "MPLAB® Code Configurator."  If you do not see it click the "Check for Updates" button and wait for MPLAB X to refresh its list of plugins from the server.
    • Make sure the check box in the first column ("Install") is checked next to the  "MPLAB® Code Configurator" entry.
    • Click the "Install" button and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Install it offline (once downloaded can be done without access to the Internet)
For more information including a User Guide and Release Notes, please visit: http://www.microchip.com/mcc and select the “Current Download” tab.
Your feedback is invaluable to us and this forum is the place where you can discuss topics related to MCC(Opinions/suggestions/bug reports).  Please share your feedback as we work to improve the features and functionality of MCC with each new revision.
When sharing feedback, please observe the following:
  • If suggesting a new feature, please include a short explanation why that would be useful. This will help when proposing the idea to the development team and it will also help in better anticipating what your needs are.
  • If reporting a bug please try be as detailed as possible. More detail helps the developers in identifying the problem faster and thus resolving it faster. Here is a sample template you can use for a bug report:

MCC version: v2.25
MPLAB X version: v3.00
OS: Mac OS 10.7
Area: GUI (or Generated Code)
Device: PIC16LF1947 (if applicable)
Peripheral: EUSART1  (if applicable)
Mode: Asynchronous (if applicable)
Description: (be as descriptive as possible and try to provide the steps needed to reproduce the problem)
  1. Start MCC
  2. Add the ADC to the "Project Resources"
  3. In the ADC UI click the "Enable ADC"
  4. Change the Positive Vref to "external"
  5. Change the Clock to "FOSC/4" 
  6. Notice that the UI freezes and the only way of resetting is to close MCC and start it again
Thank you for your feedback and helping to make MCC a valuable tool for your embedded designs.

The MCC Team
2015/07/24 13:07:46
For those interesting in demo videos using MCC, check out the new Microchip Minutes videos below.
Installing the Microchip Software Tools - https://youtu.be/T8tRqvkFZcw
Setting up a Project in MPLAB®X IDE - https://youtu.be/IB8f0R9cLgk
MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) - https://youtu.be/Y8iMr5VpWj0
HELLOWORLD - https://youtu.be/fLXHOFDuudk
Blink - https://youtu.be/FDwqbWOp5bc
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