2014/08/29 15:05:00
Hello everybody
I'd like to know how to correctly install the Arriba IDE Eclipse Plugin. I installed it but I don't know what is the "Arriba Connect" zip or how to install it. I installed the plugin but it doesn't show the configurations when creating a new project.
This is for windows
2014/08/29 21:37:51
The followings are excerpt from the Arriba welcome letter and has been tested with Eclipse Juno on Windows XP/8:
Installing Arriba Plugin
  • Download the Arriba Plugin from http://www.microchip.com/arriba
  • From Eclipse, select Help->Install New Software…
  • From the Install Dialog, click on “Add” to bring up the Add Repository Dialog
    • From the Add Repository Dialog, click on “Archive” to bring up the file browser
    • Browse to the location of the downloaded plugin and select the plugin
    • You should see the full path of the plugin specified in the “Location” entry
  • At this time, you should see the entry for Arriba Embedded Development Tools shown in the Install Dialog
    • Select “Arriba for Microchip MCUs”
    • (If necessary, uncheck “Group items by category” if you don’t see the Arriba selection)
    • Click “Next” to proceed
  • View installation details and click “Next” to proceed
  • Check on the selection to accept the terms of the license agreement and select “Next” to proceed
  • Ignore the benign warning about installation of unsigned content, select “OK” to proceed
  • Eclipse will request a restart for changes to take effect, select “Yes” to do so
The next step is to install Arriba Connect
Installing Arriba Connect
  • Arriba requires that you install Arriba Connect in your Eclipse top level directory for proper operation
  • Failure to do so will show message at startup of your Eclipse IDE
  • To install Arriba Connect:
    • Exit from Eclipse
    • Download the version of Arriba Connect appropriate for your host
    • For Linux and MacOS users, untar the Arriba Connect image from your top-level Eclipse install directory as followed:
    % cd <eclipse directory>
    % tar xvzf arriba-connect-<host>.tgz
    • For Windows users, simply unzip the Arriba Connect zip file image in your top-level Eclipse install directory
    • Start Eclipse
    • You should see the Arriba Connect active indicator at the lower-left corner of your Eclipse IDE
2015/03/26 15:41:12
Dear Moderator (or Everybody in the forum?)
We are interest to test "Arriba" on a Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS x86_64.
So we have tried: but it didin't work out.
In details:
We have downloaded from the following files:
Eclipse Plug-in   Arriba ™ Plug-in for Eclipse (arriba-06132014-plugin.zip 19,355,624 bytes)
Linux 32-Bit and Linux 64-Bit    Arriba Connect ™ for PIC MCUs, Plug-In Edition (arriba-connect-x86-linux.tgz 481,433,686 bytes)
and tried the following versions:
Java version: 1.8.0_31, 1.6.0_27
Eclipse version: Luna, Juno
> Question #1:
Do you have an installation manual with all the informations to install "Arriba Plug-In Edition" framework to Eclipse ?
(I have downloaded and we couldn't see this detailed information there...)
> Question #2:
Could you please list all the exact versions needed to install each part of the most recent version of "Arriba Plug-In Edition" framework to Eclipse ? Example: Java version, Eclipse version, Library versions, etc
Thanks in advance for your attention.
2015/04/02 11:11:50
Hi Curtyc,
Can you clarify as to whether you're installing this on 32 or 64bit version of Eclipse?  Also, in your current Eclipse instantiation, is there CDT already running?
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