2006/06/15 15:44:40

I finally guessed that some register bit somewhere was being set during programming, and needed to be cleared, which the cold reboot accomplished. The most likely was bit 6 of the EECON1 register. By adding the line

yes that would make sense, most programmers program configuration bits last so the registers would have been left set up for that.
2006/07/25 22:22:27
hi guys
i'm having the same problem,my progarm which need to store a 16bit integer to the internal eeprom of pic18f452.
In the Mplab library i have found some function that can be use to move data to the Rom but i have no idea how it works, so sorry to say that i'm new in this.sad
any idea or sample that i can read up..
best regard.art
2006/08/04 07:07:14
Hello everybody..!
First of all i would like to thankx for all who are indirectly responsible for solving my problems..!
I wanted make one thing clear that is it necessary to clear(Erase) the memory (Flash) before writing to it?
or can i directly write my data to flash..it will be more easier and efficient.. if i am write.
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