2010/11/05 13:45:22
I want to start a LED Application with the dspic33FJ128MC802, I think the first I need to do is control an RGB LED and change color with the PWM. But because there is no much information about this topic for dspic33 (what I found is for dspic30) I prefer to ask the experts if it's possible with this dspic?
which is the first step that you recommend?
Best regards,
2010/11/07 04:28:54
It certainly is possible to use the PWM module to control a multi-color LED but it's sort of overkill. The MC802 PWM module is more for controlling motors or power supplies which use related PWM signals (hence why the PWM outputs are in pairs). If you just wanted to experiment controlling the LED, then you might want to use 3 simple digital outputs and timers to implement PWM.
2010/11/07 15:14:12
It's exactly what I needed to know, Now I have 2 PWM (Red and Green) and is working great, but what you said is true this MC802 works with pairs of this module, I'll try only for curious with timers but I'll use another chip, I'll check the application notes and datasheets.

Thx a lot GaryKato.
2010/11/07 15:45:47
FYI the dsPIC33FJxxxMC802 has 4 high resolution complementary PWM channels and 4 standard resolution output compare modules which gives total of 8 independent and fully configurable PWM output channels per chip. You may have purchased a counterfeit chip since it has only 2 PWM channelsLoLLoLLoL
2010/11/07 18:04:46
As far as I know, he didn't state there were only 2 PWM channels on the chip, just that he was using two channels for the LED.
2010/11/07 20:06:35
I used 2 PWM just because for the interruptions #int_PWM1 & #int_PWM2 because I used CCS, thats it, thx GaryKato.
2010/11/11 10:54:51
Hi Megabytron,
      Microchip actually makes a development kit for controlling RGB LEDs like you are describing. This should help you get your application off of the ground. Take a look at www.microchip.com/led Please post if this is helpful.

2011/09/22 20:13:41
Jin Wang
yes, dsPIC can control RGB LED in PWM mode. www.microchip.com/led  has more details. dsPIC, depends on partnumber, has many channel PWM, each can be used to drive a LED indenpendently. assuming you are control the LED current with dimming, dsPICxxMC series can do the job, but for more accurate control, dsPIC33FxxGSxx or dsPIC33EPxx series can do it better.
2012/12/26 16:03:24
There are many PIC & dsPIC based kits for driving leds.
The LIGHTING design center is here : http://www.microchip.com/lighting
There are several kits to get started :
2015/09/29 16:01:14
using pwm, you can play notes by turning a speaker on and off.  You could have your rgb led do the same.
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