2009/03/13 09:41:12
We are pleased to inform you that HI-TECH Software has joined Microchip Technology as a fully owned subsidiary! This is the natural progression of our long-standing, friendly relationship.

In order to provide the best possible products for Microchip microcontrollers and digital signal controllers, we will focus our energies exclusively on Microchip-related products. Of course, support agreements for other products will be honored for the duration of those agreements.

If you already own a HI-TECH C compiler for any of the Microchip products, you can look forward to an even higher level of performance and responsiveness. Our teams are joining forces to provide you with the very best tools for your 8-, 16- and 32-bit PIC® microcontroller and dsPIC® digital signal controller development.

If you are not yet the owner of a Microchip compiler, please stay tuned to the HI-TECH Web site for opportunities and incentives to use a HI-TECH C compiler for your next design.

This forum is to be used for General HI-TECH C Compiler discussions. For technical discussions it is recommended that you visit the HI-TECH forums at http://forum.htsoft.com/all/ubbthreads.php .
2013/10/19 04:54:12
We are Try do Industrial Product in PIC Micro controller with LCD 16*2 Display,
Some Times the LCD Display, display the some junk values (Ex.Relay On and Off or Mains On/off),
I thing EMI problem how to solve.....
2020/03/09 06:11:15
Just in case anyone comes here looking for the old HI-TECH forums cited above by DevMod1, it appears that those forums are no longer available. At least, I can't get the link to work.
2020/03/09 12:38:15
Try the Wayback Machine.

2020/04/15 04:58:31
Im trying to rebuild an old firmware that requires the HI-TECH C for PIC18 MCU complier version 9.63 or newer.
The newest I can find is 9.52 on the ftp server (ftp://Compilers-RO@ftp.microchip.com).
Another firmware for a similar device has a Dockerfile that refers to a 9.66-version at http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/picc-18-pro_9.66.8870-linux.zip
But that returns a 404 Not found.
Where can I find anything newer? Preferably for mac or linux.
2020/04/15 09:56:40
Where can I find anything newer? Preferably for mac or linux.

What you are looking for can be accessed through a link on this page:
On that page use the link embedded in this text:
Use this FTP link for HI-TECH C Compiler archive: HI-TECH C Archive
You will need to be registered with the Microchip web site to access the ftp archive.
Once you get the ftp page open look in the "HI-TECH C for PIC18 (PRO)" folder.
2020/04/15 10:42:04
Hi-Tech C Pro for the PIC18 MCU Family

The PRO license might be difficult at this point.
You'll find it's pretty simple to build a Hi-Tech project with XC8 1.x.
2020/04/15 10:51:31
If they have the license I think the license server may still be running.
Otherwise they would have to contact Microchip.
2020/04/15 11:08:36
The PRO license might be difficult at this point.

The proper way is to buy a license for the old compiler from Microchip, if there is anyone still at Microchip that can operate the license generator.
On the other hand cracks exists for the "old" Hi-TECH license, if you're willing to trust something like that found on the internet. This could be the only choice if Microchip cannot be helpful.
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