2004/05/28 12:01:15
Dear Microchip dsPIC Customer,

This notice is to inform you of a fix specifically addressing programming issues you may encounter when using ICD 2 units (revisions R15 through R20) with the dsPIC30F2010.

One of the following solutions can be implemented:

Solution #1:

1. Open the powered down ICD 2 unit and locate resistors R23 and R36, currently 180 ohms.
2. Replace resistors R23 and R36 with zero ohm resistors. Alternatively you can jumper over these two resistors.

The attached document illustrates the locations of these two resistors.
(change downloaded file extension to .zip, then open with WinZip)

Solution #2:

Return your ICD 2 unit for replacement. Please contact your local Microchip Sales office for an SAR.
2004/06/01 08:04:47
What about earlier versions (I have R12)
2004/06/01 08:33:20
All versions prior to R15 do not have the 180ohm resistor, so those should be fine.

2004/06/03 02:54:19
I contacted the European sales office (euro.enqiry@microchip.com) about arranging a replacement as you suggest, and am somewhat less than impressed that they have not yet bothered to reply (I note that they have also not replied to my earlier mail asking exactly how one uses the $200 voucher when trying to buy C30).

Given that the European sales office does not appear to be interested, who else in Microchip can I contact to arrange for my ICD2 rev 16 to be replaced?

Julian Porter
2004/06/03 04:31:20
What about other versions of dsPIC30, i.e. dsPIC30F6014?
2004/06/03 08:19:57

The ICD 2 modifications are only required for programming
support of the dsPIC30F2010.

If you are only developing with the dsPIC30F601x Product Family
then no ICD 2 modifications are required.

- Z28
2004/06/03 08:32:39
Julian Porter,

Please contact the Arizona-based applications engineers at (480) 792-7627 weekdays from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm (Mountain Standard Time) or contact them by email at mailto:tech.support@microchip.com.

They should be able to assist you.

- Z28
2004/06/04 13:08:01
Where is the serial number of the ICD2? My have a sticker on it, saying B1 R032910087, running the programmer setting it says
So which version it is? In the nearly future I will get my dsPic 2010 chips, so I have to be ready :))).

2004/06/04 15:24:48

You should see the following number on the left side of the
alphanumeric identifier you submitted:

10-00319-Rxx, where xx is the REVISION of the ICD 2 unit.

BTW, I believe the identifier you submitted should be:
BUR 032910087 and this is the serial number of the unit.

- Z28
2004/06/05 03:28:54
Yes, it can be that way :).
Then, the number is 10-00319 R13.

This means, that I don't need to do the modification for programming of the 2010? (not between 15 and 20)

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