2009/01/27 10:24:54
PIC32 Support
When using the MPLAB ICD 2 in MPLAB IDE make sure the configure->configuration bits window is is closed when not in use.  This will reduce lock-ups.    

From the MPLAB ICD 2 readme in the MPLAB IDE 8.20 release notes
PIC32 debugging using MPLAB ICD 2 under MPLAB IDE may lock-up on heavily loaded systems if the Configure>Configuration Bits window is open during the debug session. Please close the Configure>Configuration Bits window before programming if the ICD2 is selected as a Debugger.
2010/03/08 11:31:39
Mr Checkbox
Another suggestion: Use ICD3. It rocks!
2011/08/08 01:18:20
I am using in ICD2 to try and program a PIC32MX440 chip but it keeps giving me the "device not ready" error. Since it gives the same error when the board is disconnected I'm assuming a communications error or a fault with my ICD module. The self check comes back ok however. I have checked all the connections manually since I had to make a new cable to account for the positioning of the connections on my board. Is there anything in MPLAB I should try or should I try a different ICD2 module?
2011/10/02 17:47:00
Yes, try to manually re-load the firmware on the ICD2
2011/12/27 12:33:46
For programming, erasing, Verification and reading, with the ICD 2 for the new chips produced from August 2011 ("after 1120 batch") no longer works. Thus you need to buy the ICD 3.

Somebody know about this? Could someone explain better?

2012/04/17 09:10:34
Thanks for your information
2012/12/15 16:56:40
Hello please advice where I can find a table for ...
To PIC32MX795.
void __ISR( _TIMER2_VECTOR, ip14){..
What is it:
?????????i p14 ???????
?????????i p17 ???????
Thank you best regards Aladin
Czech Land

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