2008/10/30 14:39:46
Help us out by reporting it! A good bug report will help us expedite a fix.

Where should I send the bug report?
Submit the bug report as a support ticket [http://www.microchip.com/support]. The dedicated support team will get the message and attachments to the people who will investigate, track, and fix the bug.

What should I put in the bug report?

  • The version of the compiler. You can get this information by running the compiler with the -v option.
  • A complete input file that will demonstrate the problem. A single statement is (almost) never sufficient.

    One way to send us a complete example is to attach a pre-processed file. Add -save-temps to your compiler command line and send us the generated preprocessed.i file. Remove extraneous code from the example.
  • The Build Options (command-line arguments) passed to the compiler, assembler, and linker. If you are building in MPLAB IDE, send us the entire text from the output window following a Build All.
  • A complete description of the behavior that you believe is incorrect. Assume that the bug is not known. What did you expect to happen? What actually happened? For example: When I build with the -Os optimization level, the statement on line 208 of myfile.i assigns 0xFFFF to 16-bit variable foo but I expected it to assign 0x00FF.
Thanks for taking the time to report the issue. The support team at [http://www.microchip.com/support] will do their best to provide you with an effective work around and the Development Tools team will work to address the issue.
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