2008/08/15 12:32:13
[ HW Welcome to Flying with HardWare Gallery List                         ]

Hello forum members, Recently i readed a reply of P.erasmus: here

This triggers the idea to collect any hardware subject's at this list,
therefore this gives the members opportunity to easily find them back at the future.
Feelfree to post usefull hardware subject's here...
2008/08/15 12:33:46
[ HW Soldering-Guides:                                                              ]

CuriousInventor: How-To Guides

CuriousInventor: Q & A, tools and techniques, surface mount soldering

CuriousInventor: Store

JBC Soldering and rework tools for electronics

How to solder 32 QFN pakage SMD chip

Building a home made PIC18F97J60 board
2008/08/15 12:37:39
Great I dea and I would like to ask the experienced people like Artic ,dschabel please support this Forum
and not fogetting Stefan
we all l need to learn and understand hardware circuits to work effectively with the controllers in our projects
Thanks Neiwiertz for starting this Forum
2008/08/15 12:39:22
DC Brush Motor Control Circuits
The Driver is a TC1411N from Microchip the zener is a18V zener and the diode across R1 is a 1N5817

Application notes covering a large part of Mosfet related Topics


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2008/08/15 15:58:47
Stefan Uhlemayr
[ Reference-manuals:                                              ]

PICmicro 18C MCU Family Reference Manual: from Microchip

Reference-manuals from other PIC-families: from Microchip

Compiled Tips 'N Tricks Guide: from Microchip

How to find informations in the datasheets: from myself
How to interpret PIC-part-numbers: from Ian.M

[ General Circuit-Design-Questions:                               ]

How should I start with PIC's: from Dale Chisholm

Where to start with PIC's: from Robert Cauthon and Ian.M

Help, my first PIC-project won't work: from Dale Chisholm

What shall I do with unused pin's? from Jonny Doin and Dale Chisholm

Decoupling caps: from Chris Levin

Difference between filtering a power-supply and decoupling a circuit:  from Jonny Doin

Designing Microcontroller Systems for Electrically Noisy Environments: from Tom Williamson (intel)

Usage of ferrite beads: from John Popelish

One oscillator for two PIC's: from Dale Chisholm

Guidelines: Crystal oscillator FAQ and manuals: from Mario (mfb)

Difference between serial and parallel cut crystal: from John N. Power

Selfmade pF-capacitors (oscillator-adjustments for example): from Harry Lythall

Testing the internal RAM: from Jonny Doin and myself

RAM-Tests: from Jack G. Ganssle

8-pin PIC Tips 'n Tricks: from Microchip
An Investigation of Human Body Electrostatic Discharge: from M.A. Kelly, G.E. Servais and T.V. Pfaffenbach

[ PCB - Layout-Design and Considerations:                         ]

CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols and Footprints for Microchip-Products: from Microchip and Accelerated Designs Inc.

Various libraries for EAGLE (search for Eagle tools on this page): from Olin Lathrop

Good links to oscillator-layouts: from dan1138 and David Schabel

Designing a PCB: from Jonny Doin and Bonnie C. Baker

PCB Design Tutorial: from David L. Jones

PCB Track-Width-Calculator: from CircuitCalculator.com

PCB Layout Authority:

PCB Standards Forum:

PCB Matrix Forum:

PCB Matrix Resources:

Easy prototyping with SMD-parts: Schmartboard

SMD-soldering 101: Nice YouTube-video

[ Power-Supply-Questions:                                         ]

General power-supply-considerations: from Jonny Doin

Intelligent Power Supply Tips 'n Tricks: from Microchip

Efficiency of linear-regulators vs. switching regulators: from Richard Collet

Explanation of power-supply-impedance: from Jonny Doin

How to generate regulated 20 mA from 2 AA-batteries: from Olin Lathrop

How to build a DC/DC-converter using a little PIC: from Olin Lathrop

Digital Control of Power Factor Corrected Power Supply: from Olin Lathrop

[ Analog-Input-Questions:                                         ]

Reason, why pins with analog-feature are in analog-mode after reset: from Danish Ali

Things to consider on analog inputs: from Jonny Doin

How to protect pins with analog-functionality from overvoltage [TB3013]: from Microchip

How to calculate the acquisation-time on a/d-inputs: from Jonny Doin

How to calculate the a/d-result: from Jonathan Broadwell

How to calculate the source-resistance of a potentiometer: from John Popelish

Sources for noise on a/d-inputs: from Jonny Doin

ADC Input Leakage: from David Schabel and John Popelish

Understanding and minimising ADC conversion errors: from ST

How to measure 12V: from Chris Levin and Jonny Doin

How to measure the battery-voltage without drawing continously current: from David Schabel

Wheatstone-Bridge for temp-measurement using a PT100: from Jonny Doin

Active Low-Pass Filter Design: from Jim Karki (Texas Instruments)

Comparator Tips 'n Tricks: from Microchip

[ Digital-Input-Questions:                                        ]

Things to consider on digital inputs: from Dale Chisholm

Explanation of the internal weak-pull-up-"resistors": from John Popelish

Debouncing a key-input: from Jack G. Ganssle

My favorite software debouncers: from Jack G. Ganssle

Protecting inputs from slow transitions: from Robert Scott, Jonny Doin and John N. Power

How to measure short pulses without CCP: from Robert Scott and Mike McLaren

List of PIC's having more then 8 IOC-pin's: from Bill Jones

Explanation of the bug in the Interrupt-on-Change-feature: from John Temples

[ Output-Questions:                                               ]

The "Read-Modify-Write"-effect and solutions: from myself

Things to consider when using a PIC-output as power-source: from Dale Chisholm

How to get fosc/4 out of a 8-bit-PIC using the pwm-module: from jtemples

How to get a pretty slow PWM-output using the pwm-module: from Luis Ruiz and jtemples

32-step-software-PWM (for driving LED's): from Mike McLaren

8-channel 256-step-software-PWM (for PIC16 and PIC18): from Mike McLaren

How to generate analog frequencies with PIC's: from OE1RIB

How to calculate the base-resistor for a transistor: from Olin Lathrop, Stewart Allwood and Jonny Doin

Advantage of a simple transistor over a darlington-transistor: from Olin Lathrop

Power-MOSFET-questions: from Jonathan Broadwell, David Schabel and Dale Chisholm

Using a FET for switching a circuit on/off: from Dale Chisholm and David Schabel

How to drive 500 mA with a PIC: from Dale Chisholm and Olin Lathrop

HV Floating MOS-Gate Driver ICs:  from International Rectifier

Motor-Magnetic-field resets PIC: from Jonny Doin

The application of relay coil suppression with DC relays: from Tyco

DC Motor Control Tips 'n Tricks: from Microchip

[ Connection-Questions:                                           ]

Technical library (FAQ...) about RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, Wireless, Ethernet: from B&B Electronics Mfg. Co.

Technical library about LIN, USB, LPT, RS485 etc. (english/polish/russian): from HW-server

I2C-bus-specification, Rev. 03: from NXP (Philips)

I2C-bus-primer: from I2C-bus.org

I2C-bus-manual (including comparison of different serial bus-systems, design-ideas, part-list ...): from NXP (Philips)

I2C-Bus Technical Overview and FAQ: from Axel Wolf, ESAcademy

Bi-directional level shifter (3.3V <-> 5.0V for example) for I2C-bus and other systems: from NXP (Philips)

3V Tips 'n Tricks (3.3V - 5.0V level shifter etc.): from Microchip

Some reasons, why SPI allows higher communication-speed then I2C: from myself

SPI at high speed and 'long' distance - things to improve the communication: from MBedder

Simple circuits to connect a PIC  to PC over RS232: from Mike McLaren

Controller Area Network (CAN) - description, specification, etc: from CiA (CAN in Automation)

422 and 485 Standards Overview and System Configurations: from texas instruments

USB-Links: from Xiaofan Chen

Internetworking with PIC's: from Jorge Amodio

[ Display-Questions:                                              ]

Matrix with 20-LED's driven with 5 i/o-pins (charlieplexing): from Mike McLaren

Serial 1-wire LCD-interface: from Mike McLaren

4-Pin 3-Digit 7-Segment Display with Brightness Controll: from Mike McLaren

Some infos about text-LCD-displays: from Istvan Cserny

LCD Tips 'n Tricks: from Microchip

[ Useful external parts:                                          ]

Datasheets for LCD-text-(like HD 44780 or ST7036) and graphics-controllers (like HD61202/3): from electronic assembly

Switching replacement for linear 7805-voltage-regulator: from RECOM

SPI-controlled o.c.-output-latches (500 mA max. / 50V): from Allegro MicroSystems

74HC/HCT595 shift register with output latches: from NXP
I2C-controlled Current (high-side) and Voltage (7-80V) Monitor: from Linear Technology

NIST ITS-90 Thermocouple Database: from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

[ Decoding the markings on parts:                                 ]

Markings on capacitors: from CapSite 2008

Markings on resistors: from Wikipedia

[ Learning about electrics and electronics:                       ]

Basic electronics tutorials: from Wayne Storr

Lessons in Electric Circuits (a free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics): from Tony R. Kuphaldt

A Design and Technology Site: from W.A.T.T (World Association of Technology Teachers

Fundamentals of Electricity: from Ken Bigelow

Understanding Electronics Components: from Filipovic D. Miomir (mikroelektronika)

[ Microchip-Tool-Questions:                                       ]

PICkit3 ICD2 ICD3 REAL ICE Setup Poster: from Microchip

Comparison of 8-bit-Microchip-Demoboards: from Ian.M

Troubleshooting ICD2: from Microchip

Do I need a header for debugging my PIC? - Header board specification: from Microchip

Things to consider for incircuit-programming PIC's: from Olin Lathrop

Help, I can't program my PIC with my ICD2/PICkit2...: from Dale Chisholm

How to reprogram PIC's (MCLR off and INTOSC) using a PICkit2: from Walter Kicinski

Batch-File for PICkit2-Autoprogramming: from Roger (hycom)

Update for the PICkit2-standalone-application (supported parts): from Microchip

Update for the PICkit2-commandline-utility: from Microchip

PICkit2-Device-File-Editor: from Doug (dougy83)

Things to consider when using the PICkit2 Logic Analyzer on I2C-Bus: from Ken Fisher

How to program DIP-PIC's with Breadboard and PICkit2: from FunnyNYPD

How to troubleshoot PICkit2: from FunnyNYPD

How to calibrate PICkit2: from FunnyNYPD

Step-by-Step-Guide for the PICKit2: Programmer-to-Go: from FunnyNYPD

Hard coding a software-breakpoint (C18, C30, C32): from Jason Kajita

[ Interresting topics, which doesn't suite into a previous one Smile:   ]

Why my question on this forum doesn't get responses: from Dale Chisholm

History of Microchip: from Brian Harden

Tool for drawing ASCII-schematics (AACircuit) for posting in the forum: from Andreas Weber

Special thanks to all of these very knowledgeable people, only their knowledge makes such a summary possible... Additional big thanks to Dennis (Neiwiertz) and David (drh) for sending a lot of links to me (I hope, this way we can improve the clarity of this list). Smile

Please send me a PM, if a link is missing / not working etc. Thanks in advance.wink
2008/09/06 01:17:59
Thanks for the comprehensive list, guys Smile
2008/10/19 08:39:22
Hallo Guys
I have gathered some useful things on the Mosfets
the only problem is that I can not upload a pdf file or is it possible
ok I added the links to the documentation
2008/11/01 00:36:27
Hi all ,
Nice collection and good idea , I would be happy if you accept my 5V-3V interface circuit that I use and it is ok  grin.

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2008/11/01 01:01:03
Assad thanks for joining us in this forum happy to see you here and thanks again
2008/11/07 03:45:38
this is a simple DC/DC converter for, you maybe know, areas where no microcontroller and no DC/DC converter have been used before.
Duracell (9V batteries) and ST (7805 regulator) will maybe not too happy, but it is just a proof of concept.
it can power a 16F54 flashlight for about a week, i do not know, it is still running since i built it, one single AA battery (1.2 volts).
normally you should use those special ICs (LT1073), but take a look anyway.
by the way, if you use http://multiply.com for instance my PIC group http://picsystems.multiply.com you can organize knowledge with tags, for instance, the type of PIC!
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