2008/05/17 09:59:25
I was supriced recently to read the breaking news of unlocking the at 18LF4550
as a Pickit II by Rafalw.

Instantly i had the idea to create a collection thread of links for the Explorer 16 any aspect,
enhancement and ideas. Feel free to extend the overview of this list.
2008/05/17 10:00:57
[ Favorites and Tools                                             ]

AVIX-RT RTOS Viewer Plugin for AVIX

AVIX RTOS AVIX-16 and AVIX-32  for 16-bit and 32-bit microchip mcu's
AVIX-RT unique Zero-latency and fastest RTOS: www.avix-rt.com

Intronix 34 Channel LA1034 Logicport

NirSoft USBDeview

Eflightworks of Eric (Ohmite)

MPLAB tab switching addon
Preprocessor calculation of constants
Request Microchip make a Linux compatible 1GHz+ CPU

Problems with AC244005 isolator
Is it possible to use two Pickit 3(or Pickit 2) units from the same
Adjusting Speed of Programmer
2008/05/17 10:02:01
[ Unlocking ICSP (Pickit II) functionality at the 18LF4550 of E16 ]

Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) is a PICkit 2?

Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial)

Hacking the Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board

Performing row earse using ICSP

Operating system support

Explorer 16 and USB port
2008/05/17 10:03:12
[ Generic-HID at the 18LF4550 of E16 and USB subject's            ]

Question(s) about USB Stack v2013-02-15
USB external transceiver interface
USB HID communication with the PIC18LF4550 on Explorer 16 board

generic HID transfer-size in Windows (and alternatives)

PIC USB related web sites from Xiaofan

USB Firmware Framework Confirmed and Potential Anomalies from Xiaofan


HID boot-keyboard & mouse on same device?

HID Keyboard Without 6 Key Limit?

posting full code for people to use

PIC32 USB Embedded Host for Barcode scanner

UBW32 (32 bit PIC32 based USB Bit Whacker)

How to get maximum USB throughput

MCHPUSB driver INF problem in Vista - fixed

USB Printer Class(Client, not Host)

How to eject properly the MDD -SD Card Reader example under MAC OSX

USB Mass Storage Floppy Drive

Receive Vendor-Specific control commands on 18F4550

Maximizing USB bulk transfer throughput
Open source USB 1.1 stack running on PIC16F628/628A
USB Composite Device(HID and MIDI)
HID keyboard + mouse using 1 HID report with 2 IDs
host wants string index 0xEE

host always wants more

What is meant by DATA0 and DATA1?

setup transaction not working
PIC32MX USB zero-byte transfers
HID samples for dsPIC33E Demo Board
Interface an USB to dsPIC33EP512MU814 microcontroller
USB PID managed POOl
hid joystick/keyboard multimedia key
USB Ehternet Emulation, RNDIS Question
USB HID report size greater than 64 bytes with Microchip Stack

Changing from Mouse to Generic HID
Building USB stack projects with XC8 compiler
USB Smart Card reader
restart computer from USB port
U1SOF value (USB_SOF_THRESHOLD_xx) is too short on host
Wired Xbox 360 Controller USB Emulation

I need MCP2210 dll header file for C/C++
2008/05/17 10:03:51
[ Introducing JTAG functionality at the 18LF4550 of E16           ]

Firmware and Windows application with support JTAG PIC32. At: Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial)


JTAG programmer for PIC32MX795F512L

Jtag pinning versus ICSP
2008/05/17 22:02:03
[  Microchip Resources for Explorer 16                                          ]

Explorer 16 page:

PICTail+ page:

USB stack:

Graphics library:

TCP/IP stack:

TCP/IP Stack V4.50

TCP/IP Stack V4.51
2008/05/17 22:09:30
[ Demo projects for PIC32                                                          ]
Several examples for PIC32 for the Explorer 16 board
FreeRTOS and AVIX both provide examples for Explorer 16.

2008/05/18 07:31:20
[ Courses and Articles at Explorer 16 board                       ]

How does a real-time operating system (RTOS) work?
Article at Elektor March 2008 author Leon van Snippenberg, AVIX-RT

E16 related courses at Elektor
Elektor Magazine Explorer-16 Project Page Courses: 1 2 3 4

The Microchip 16-Bit Embedded Control 2007 Design Contest

Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C: Learning to Fly the PIC 24

Programming 32-bit Microcontrollers in C: Exploring the PIC32
2008/06/17 00:18:58
[ E16 Interfacing: Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board 2         ]

Graphics PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board 2 Errata

E16 Graphics PICtail Plus Board 2 Compatibility with USB PICtail Plus board FIX

Collection Graphics related tools by Xiaofan
Embedded System LCD PC Software Links

Can i have two shemes in the touchscreen?

Touchscreen how to input a series numbers to window?

graphic LCD and graphs

JPEG decoding


Progress Bar

FInding touchscreens compatible to Microchips Graphics Library


Graphic LCDs

Touchscreen Calibration Methods

gRaphics Library & Touch screen

Getting the Microchip Graphics Library to work with the SSD1906

SSD1906 with External TFT

Graphics Library - SSD1926 2D support?

Solomon Systech SSD1926 Datasheet

Graphics Pictail and Explorer 16

PMP 16 problem & Explorer 16 + Pic32 PIM + Graphics V3 (SSD1926)

128x64 LCD Interfacing

HD44780 Hitachi Controller

Menu driven AN in C

How to impliment a menu system in LCD?

scroll down multilevel lcd menu

Connecting TFT-G240320UTSW-92W-TP-E to SSD1906

graphic display

Graphic pictail board Plus pic 32 starter kit

Bug in Microchip Bitmap and Font converter Utility???

Getting Problem in Graphic PICtail board

Graphics Pictail v 1 compatible bug

PIC24 Animation

Simple 3D Rendering engine for PIC32

advice for my first board with a QVGA LCD or alike

How to use graphics Library

Best Way to Get a Landscape Display

Bug in Graphics Library V2.10
Using Mikromedia for PIC32 with Microchip Graphics Library
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