2009/07/05 16:03:51
Open Source Forth

PICForth for PIC16F87x and 16F88

PIC18Forth for PIC18Fxx2

Open Source Forth for dsPIC30 and PIC18F
Author Mikael Nordman
User Guide : http://flashforth.sourceforge.net/
Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/flashforth/
2009/07/17 07:40:54
Another C compiler: cpik from the author of Pikdev
2010/03/05 16:20:10
Pascal like:

JAL (Pascal like) V2 seems to be developed quite actively and become more and more matured.

JAL V2, JALlib, JalEdit
Jallib project: http://code.google.com/p/jallib/
Jallib Group: http://groups.google.com/group/jallib
Jal V2 http://www.justanotherlanguage.org/
jaledit: http://code.google.com/p/jaledit/

2010/03/05 16:22:46
From Webarchive of Gnupic Compiler page.

  • David McNab has written pic18forth, a Forth compiler for the PIC18F family.
  • Pyastra, the PYthon to ASsembler TRAnslator, is a Python compiler for PICS.
  • John Favata's C compiler specifically for the PIC16C84. Unfortunately, it produces pseudo-8051 code which only Parallax's assembler understands. Though the Parallax assembler executable is free for download, it only runs under DOS. Let me know if you want to help fix this one to produce standard Microchip-style assembly code. (But look below).
  • Erasmo Brenes has finally come forward to modify John Favata's picc_cc to produce MPASM/gpasm compatible mnemonics: ebs_cc.
  • Samuel Tardieu has written a Forth Compiler PicForth. Inspired by Mary, Sam created PicForth to control model railroad trains with DCC.
  • old Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles has written a Forth compiler called mary. A PIC Forth. Mary PIC Forth. Do you know who Mary Pickford was? Remember the good ol' movies? Francisco does!
  • Pavel Baranow has written a non-open sourced C/C++ compiler for sx and pic processors that works under windows and Linux.
  • Wouter van Ooijen has written a Pascal-like compiler called JAL , Just Another Language. Why? Because he did not like any of the "low-cost languages" for the 16x84 and implementing a high level language looked like a nice project. I guess the answer is really, "Why not?". JAL is not open sourced, but does run under windows and linux.
  • Daniel Webb is working on AnyC, an open-source C compiler for microcontrollers.
  • Lars Silen has written a high level language called SIL. I wonder where he got that name? The compiler implements a simple BASIC/MODULA2/Pascal language.
  • Vangelis Rokas is working on the PIC port of SDCC. SDCC is a cross compiler that supports the 8051, z80, ds390, and now the PIC.

2010/03/13 18:51:29
2010/03/20 01:20:40
Other links (contains some free projects).

Another link
2017/08/16 13:33:30
A Free Pascal PIC16F compiler, PicPas: https://github.com/t-edson/PicPas is for Linux / Windows. Includes the more complete and powerful IDE.
2017/08/16 13:42:26
There really is no point answering a seven year old topic.....
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