2005/11/08 11:15:11
Dear Microchip Customers,

It is with pleasure that we announce a new initiative that serves to help you in your dsPIC Code Development Efforts.

We now provide code examples (abbreviated CE) on our website.
These code examples are complete MPLAB IDE projects/workspaces that are self-contained, requiring no files outside the provided zip file.
Each code example has a brief description provided in a Readme.txt file or an associated PDF file. Further, comments in source code should aid in understanding the purpose of the example.

The code examples are written primarily in C. The examples are written so that the source code may be easily re-used by you in your project.

The link on the website is:

If you have questions or comments on the code examples, please post them here <http://forum.microchip.com/tt.aspx?forumid=153>
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