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  • Which one has a high resolutional edition for this photo?
2020/11/26 16:49:32

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2020/11/26 16:52:48
I guess you are asking if anyone has a higher resolution copy of the image you posted.
(Which appears to be 474 x 1052 pixels)
2020/11/26 18:27:31

From this PDF - "PIC18F57Q43 Curiosity Nano Hardware User Guide", I found one, maybe it would be useful for others.

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2020/11/26 19:07:42
For this photo, I have a question: Are the pins DBG0-3 correspond to the Debug GPIO in Data Visualizer plug-in of MPLAB?
2020/11/27 10:04:15
No. DBG0, 1 and 3 are for DATA, CLK and MCLR.
Only DBG2 is DGI_GPIO.
(AVR boards have an extra channel, DBG1)
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