2020/11/24 08:01:34
Hi all
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post here.
I'm using a BM64 EVB and all is working best but there is a message sent by the unit to the speakers assosiated to led flashing that i'm not able to manage.
When in play mode or stand/by the unit activate 2 times the red led and 2 time the blu one and emit 4 tone to the speakers.
Do someone knows what is the meaning of?
on the manuals there is no reference to this 
thanks a lot to all
2021/01/18 01:12:19
Hi all
For a newbie like me the BM64 EVB board documentation is not so easy to manage, so I did this "setting label" to show all the board setting. One of the problem was caused from JP33 position not mentioned in any document.
Hope this will help someone in my same situation.

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