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  • PIC24 + ENC28J60 Ethernet – How to start?
2020/11/21 05:24:16
It needs to be said that I'm a newbie in this type of field (MCUs, that is), so please forgive the vagueness of my questions.
Now let me cut to the point:
1. I'm trying to build a web-controlled ticker / creeping line in Proteus VSM.
2. For this purpose I chose PIC24F128GA010 + ENC28J60 (mainly because it was used in sample Explorer 16 project provided by Proteus)
3. I'm using MPLAB X for coding (or at least trying).
4. I've already installed Microchip Legacy MLA to get TCP/IP stack sources, but here's where things get tricky.
So, I can't get my head around configuring TCP/IP stack properly. I've checked the Help file, but without examples it's very hard for me to make it work. I know about the Demo Apps, but without actual board I can't use them as a learning material.
Thereby, here are my questions:
1. Is there a simple step-by-step guide on how to set up the environment and all the dependencies for a newbie like me?
2. Alternatively, are there any SIMPLE examples I can use to understand the basics?
My current goal is to build a most basic scheme with MCU and ENC in Proteus and to get the minimal code in MPLAB to detect Ethernet connection.
Any advice or intel is very appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
2020/11/23 09:11:14
TCP/IP stack is complex, it's not like simple peripherals, it easier to start with the ready made examples (demo apps), then modify to suite your need.
If you are using Proteus simulation, why not start with the MCU used in the Demo boards (if supported by your Proteus license)? It's easier to change in Proteus than in code.
Try to understand that demo code and also refer to help documents
There are also some application notes you can go through like: The Microchip TCP/IP Stack AN833
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