2020/11/18 23:35:58
Usually the exposed pad for an IC is connected to ground. However in the datasheet for dsPIC33CK64MP105 FAMILY, I could not find any instruction regarding connections to exposed pad. Should I connect exposed pad to Ground or leave it floating?
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2020/12/08 16:05:19
If nothing is mentioned in the datasheet, it probably means it is floating.
You can either left it floating or connect it to GND. I guess most people connect it to GND...
The packages are also described here : https://www.microchip.com/en-us/support/package-drawings
2020/12/09 00:34:10
I bet it's connected to VSS - grab a multimeter (do you know what's this?) and check.
2020/12/09 07:12:48
Jim Nickerson
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