2020/11/18 10:52:04
I am going through the AN1708 to understand FOC control and have a basic question. The motor model discussed in Equation 1 in the app note refers to a single im, R, L and bemf. For the 3-phase PMSM motor are these equations replicated 3x in the code to compute the values for each phase?
2020/11/18 20:32:15
after looking at AN1708 it would appear it does NOT
as the other phases would be identical only shifted 120 deg 
but it does have fault detection for all 3 winding's
2020/11/22 10:19:17
I read AN 2520, along with other material, and now have a much better understanding. The estimator apparently calculates the estimated values of bemf in the alpha/beta domain and uses two equations using the Rm & Lm.
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