2020/11/18 01:23:52
The screenshot below is from the "12-Bit High-Speed, Multiple SARs A/D Converter (ADC)" document. Knowing the values of Rss, Ric and Chold is important in being able to calculate minimum sampling time.
I am planning to use DSPIC33CK32MP102-E/2N from dsPIC33CK64MP105 FAMILY of microcontrollers. Note 2 in the image below suggests to look for Rss, Ric and Chold in the device's datasheet. However I could not find these values in datasheet.
Could someone on this forum please help me with necessary information. 
Also, once minimum sampling time is determined, I would like to use dedicated SAR ADC with fixed sampling time. For example, after PWM trigger, the ADC should sample for 1us and go into hold. What bits and registers are used to make this happen?
Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

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2020/11/29 04:00:27
I think these parameters (Chold, Ric)  are specified in the table 31-33 of the datasheet DS70005363E. It seems Rss can be neglected.
2020/11/30 02:46:20
Hi Risc
Thanks for the reply. I think I have necessary numbers now.
Thanks & Regards
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