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  • ATM90E32AS: latching data before reading
2020/11/17 03:52:42
is it possible to latch the measurement registers in the ATM90E32AS before reading, so that the data is consistent?

For example, the data U, I and S are read sequentially every second.
If the electrical power changes, the reading will not result in completely matching values due to the time lag.

In this readout, the current changes from 0 A to 4 A:
V:19.99, I:0.001, S: 0.036, S_: 0.020
V:19.98, I:1.458, S:32.348, S_:29.131 -> 11% difference between S and S_
V:19.98, I:3.998, S:79.795, S_:79.880

The apparent power S was read from the meter and S_ is calculated from U and I.
S and S_ differ noticeably at the time of switching in the second line.
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