2020/11/16 09:11:48
I am using DSPIC33EP512MU810 for the first time and am having trouble setting it for Device USB HID Operation.  The mcc only supports CDC and Vendor for this device.  Microchip's HID documentation is from 2008, and 2015, and does not describe how to setup HID in latest MLA (which has HID files from 2015 and 2018).
If someone has an example project using HID or can tell me where to find instructions to implement HID on DSPIC33EP512MU810, I would appreciate it.
Currently, I have the USB MLA libraries included in my project, and the project complies.  I had to add my own declarations for USB handles and input/output arrays, which should have already been part of the MLA code.  I don't have USB interrupt function or working code to enable HID interrupts.
Thanks for your help!
2020/11/28 17:39:57
Problem solved.  Root cause was a hardware problem.  Don't forget to connect VBUS pin to USB +5V!
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