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2020/11/11 23:47:49
I'm new to pic but experienced in other microcontrollers
I'm doing a project for PIC24F family with a bootloader.
I have the bootloader and the code of the app already done, and it works.
Actually what i do with mplab X is import the gld file of the bootloader to the project, in linker files section. This will tell to the linker to add the code of the generated app to the end, after the bootloader (if i'm not wrong).
I would like to make this splitted...
If the bootloader size is 3kb for example, then o would reserve the first 4 kbs for the bootloader, and the rest of the size for the app. With this i would like abe to update the bootloader and continue being compatible with future and old versions.
With the current way (included as file of the app project) if the bootloader changes, then old binaries are not valid, since old app loading address will be part of the new bootloader (usually it will be bigger).
I have been thinking about it and I found a way for this... just adding an array with the rest of the size until the limit to make the size of the firmware exactly to the size that i want, but i'm just asking if there is another method.
Best regards.
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