2020/11/11 17:07:20
Hi, I have a problem with the dspic33fj32GP104 microcontroller, because I have to generate 4 PWM outputs for the LED strip control, I don't know what options I have to generate these signals with this microcontroller.

I appreciate any help you can give me, because it is not possible for me to change the microcontroller. 
2020/11/11 17:13:47
Bob White
Did you read Chapter 15 of the data sheet?
2020/11/11 17:19:09
Yes of course, but that chapter is valid only for MC family microcontrollers, the one I am using is a GP, so I cannot use those registers to generate PWM.
2020/11/11 17:26:14
Bob White
Oops, I missed that.  Thank you for the clarification.
I am looking at Table 2 of the data sheet.  That appears to say that the dspic33fj32GP104 does not have any PWM modules/features.  If you need four channels of PWM it appears as if you are going to have to brute force bit-bang them using timers.
2020/11/11 17:27:24
Why have you restarted this question (and in the wrong forum), when you were already getting answers in your first thread at https://www.microchip.com/forums/m1157710.aspx
2020/11/11 19:05:40
Hello, I tried to look for different opinions about my problem, that way maybe I can orient myself a little more to know how I should configure the microcontroller to generate the signals.
2020/11/11 20:49:29
As I said, it really makes it easier to help if you don't start multiple threads about the same question.
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