• How do I read a PWM signal using the blockset?
2020/11/11 04:37:30
Hi all,
I have a PWM signal attached toa pin of my dsPIC33EV256GM106 and I want to read the value of this (Pulse width). I have looked through the library and can only seem to find ways of sending a PWM signal. 
Am I missing something obvious? 
Thank you!
2020/11/11 04:57:45
There is no peripheral to directly read a PWM input signal.
You could use an input capture module to capture time stamps for the rising and falling edges of the signal, and calculate the duty cycle from that.
2020/11/13 01:58:53
Ok thank you. I will have to look at bit more into this as I have no idea how to use this block currently. Is it used in any of the examples? Thanks
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