2020/11/06 06:26:36
I see that the PICKit2 can program serial EEPROMS...But how do I generate the hex file?
2020/11/06 08:28:19
You could write it in a text editor,
same as you use for program source code editing.
What kind of data is it that you want to write into the EEPROM?
The .hex file is a text file with hexadecimal numbers.
There is a checksum at the end of each line.
It is a general format that is used for many microcontroller types.
See Wikipedia for description for how it is put together.
There should be open source and freeware programs around to manipulate contents of .hex files.
2020/11/06 09:12:24
Oh, okay.  I wasn't sure if this was any different since it isn't a microcontroller.  I'm converting WAVE file data to store in an SPI EEPROM.
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