2020/10/31 11:22:39
I am totally new to the Bluetooth development process...
I just received my BM-78-Pictail development board.  Following all the instructions I cannot get my Android phone Bluetooth to recognize the new board.  I am using the BT Chat app on my PC and the BtChat app on my phone as directed.  Is it REQUIRED to also have the BM-78-Pictail plugged into a development board via the pictail?  Shouldn`t the BM-78-Pictail get its power from the USB and function for the initial testing?
Thanks for any help!
Additional #1: These are the instructions for the BM78_EVB.  The LED never blinks to indicate stand-by state. Could the firmware be bad/missing?  Could there be an issue with the 2200 driver?  I get a COM5 port for this device in Windows 10, I downloaded and installed the drivers just to be sure.
To set up the Bluetooth (SPP) data connection between the Bluetooth Chat application
and smart phone application using the BM78 EVB, perform the following actions:
1. Ensure that the BM78 EVB is plugged into the EVB interface of a Microchip
development board.
2. Verify the SW4 switch is set to the Application mode (ROM):
- 1/P2_0: OFF
- 2/P2_4: OFF
- 3/EAN: ON
3. Verify that the SW1 button is ON (i.e. pushed down).
4. Using the mini-B USB cable, connect the BM78 EVB mini-B USB receptacle (P1)
to the host computer USB port to power-up the EVB.
5. The LED1 (D1) display (blue) indicates the connection states as follows:
- Stand-by state: the LED1 of the EVB will blink once
- Pairing, connected state: the LED1 will blink twice
Has anyone reading this post actually used this device with a USB connection only and the apps suggested in the docs?
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