2020/10/29 12:32:17
Hello, I'm using the RN4871 module in a pcb connected through uart to a SAMR34 module.
The base usage I need the RN4871 to do is low power advertisement, but current doesn't accords to datasheet specifications. Same thing with dormant/deep sleep.
I get current measurements of 20mA when the module "enters" deep sleep, wich is not what the datasheet says. But the extrange thing is, when the module is set to do advertisement (the default one, 30 seconds advertisment), after the advertisement is finished the current consumption lowers to 2-3mA approx.
I've tried following some old post in the forum regarding sleep and advertising, but with the same results. I also tried in 2 different boards with almost same circuitry, but i got the same results.
Can you give me some guidelines as to how to explore new solutions to this problem?
Thank you in advance!
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