2020/10/26 10:45:39
The MPLABX v5.45 simulator has a bug with the PORTB bit RB12 for the PIC24FJ64GA202 controller.

When configured as an output bit, setting or clearing the LATB12 in the LATB register does not change the value read from the PORTB register.

A write to the PORTB register does change the state of LATB12 in the LATB register and the RB12 bit in the PORTB register.
Before opening a support case on this issue I would appreciate any member confirming what I think I am seeing.
2020/10/27 12:55:44
Confirmed.  Root cause is the device data file (PIC) says there is no RB12 pin.  I have written an internal JIRA (UDBC-2039) asking the device engineering team to look into it and correct. 
2020/10/27 16:04:28
Just for you George I opened a support case, number: 00578139
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