2020/10/23 18:52:48
There was some bugs in the code provided by the EoE kit and the TCP/IP Lite stack generated by MCC, so I had a hard time.
From my experience to this day, the ethernet module of the PIC18F67J60 is small and is considered a pretty good product. (As always, s/w bugs are always annoying.)
The bugs I have identified is
1.TCP remove
2. packet transmit list control in j60 driver
3. HALF or FULL duplex
4. There is a case that retransmission of request packet is not performed in DHCP received packet loss.
5. Conditional statement (TCP_Snd() == (SUCCESS || TX_QUEUED)) ??
7. Even if the packet is received and processed, it does not respond if it is not in the arp table. (1st ping does not respond unconditionally)

If possible, it would be nice if it was announced as a supplemented code from microchip.
2020/10/24 02:37:47
Improvement is only likely to happen if you provide detailed problem analysis, and code corrections.
Problems must be described in such a way that first line support personell understand the subject,
and pass it on to maintance/developers.
Preferably with complete test program project that can be compiled , run  on a Microchip development board, 
and compared with existing code.
Then submit the whole as a "Support case" to www.microchip.com/support
Microchip product departments are judged by how many support cases are filed, and how many are solved within their area of responsibility.
Forum messages do not count.
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