2020/10/17 01:10:59
Dario Concilio
Hi to all,
I'm trying to update configuration (first time), I connected to board, but when I chose hex file, I click on browse button e choose my hex file, press Open button and nothing happens.
After clicking Open button it stays like that, as if you haven't chosen any files yet.
Attach screen shots.
What's up?!?

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2020/11/20 02:15:08
You should use version 3.02. I don't know why the first field 'Images' is greyed out, you should have choices, including the file you specified with 'Browse'.
2020/12/19 02:27:05
Dario Concilio
Thank you alpereira7 for replay.
I am new and I have misunderstood the approach.
I have to select 1 slot for 1 file, afterthat Update button is enable.
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