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  • BM83 DEV KIT - Embedded Mode Quick Demo problema after pairing
2020/10/17 00:26:49
Dario Concilio
Hi to all,
I'm new for BM83, I'm trying to execute first "Embedded Mode Quick Demo".
I paired correctly with my smartphone but if a try to play some music, but I still hear the audio from the smartphone and not from the boad dev kit, where am I wrong?
The only thing where I have a doubt is the position of the JP304 jumper....
2020/11/06 07:17:02
I'm moving from BM62 to BM83.
I found the same problem with the BM83 device: after the pairing both "audio call" and "multimedia call" aren't available. I'm not using the EVB but a board o BM62 modified.
I have noticed that using the tool IS2083 Turnkey_1.2.0 some settings of UI aren't applied always.
Any suggestions ?
2020/12/19 02:35:58
Dario Concilio
I'm baffled....
Documentation is lacking and there is no support ...
I'm considering switching to another chip from another manufacturer
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