2020/10/14 03:51:22
Looking for collaboration with some folks.
Goal is to replace the requirement to use IPE to program and use PICKitPlus software.
The Microchip Curiosity HPC Board has a Programmer-On-Board (PKOB).  The PKOB is similar to a PICkit3 programmer but not exactly the same [ fancy that!  ].    I want to flip the PKOB operating system (OS) to be compatible with the Windows/Linux/Pi PICKitPlus software to release the tie to IPE.
Currently, I am able to change the PKOB with the PICkit3 programmer OS ( PK3OSV020005.hex ) leaving the PKOB bootloader in position.  I have then created a special build of the PICKitPlus GUI software to communicate with the Microchip Curiosity HPC Board with the PKOB OS ( PK3OSV020005.hex ).   Unfortunately, that is where my luck ran out - as I get communication between the software and the Microchip Curiosity HPC Board but I do not get a proper response to permit full operations.
To complete the picture here.  I can revert the Microchip Curiosity HPC Board back to IPE mode.  Thankfully.
So, has anyone investigated these Microchip Curiosity HPC Boards - I mean to some real depth? and, are you willing to collaborate to achieve the goal?
And/Or.... it this worth it (Should I just ignore the many requests we get to permit PICKitPlus software to support these boards) ?
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