2020/10/13 00:46:01
I'd like to connect my RN4871 module with a laptop via Bluetooth.
My question is : Is there an equivalent of smart discover app for PC ?
Thank you.
2020/10/27 13:33:00
Yes, well sort of.  Windows Store has a lot of junk Bluetooth apps in there from the RFCOMM days that you can ignore because they dont work with the RN4871.  But.. this one does.
I just tried it. https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N0ZTKF1QD98
It pairs, connects and lets you subscribe and exchange a bit of data. Nothing fancy.
What I did was to use the Demo app that Xamarin provides. Its universal and installs on Win10, Droid or iOS.  Again, its not meant for sending serial data.  Its hokey and tries to send hex. But you can use it as a place to get started and have it convert hex to ascii easily enough.  I tried the Windows 10 demo app for BLE and had mixed results. Some machines connected others would not.  Still working on that issue.
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