2020/10/09 07:24:22
I sent the SN,1 command to return the RN4870 to factory configurations as a way of clearing the device before trying a different configuration. However, now I can no longer get the device into command mode ($$$) either by the MCU or through a serial terminal. I know the factory reset values are in place because it advertises as 'RN_BLE' instead of the working name I previously configured. The device still pairs and it sends data (albeit unreadable) to the serial terminal as it does so. Any thoughts? 
Answered my own question, but I will post anyway in case it helps someone else. It was the last clue about receiving junk information in the serial terminal when pairing. I had been working with a baud of 9600 in my configuration, forgetting that the factory setting is 115200. I adjusted for the correct baud and of course it works.
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