2020/09/28 09:15:29
I am using MPLABX 5.40
I am able to program the ATtiny402 through the GUI for MPLAB IPE, but not the command line.
The command that I am using is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLABX\v5.40\mplab_platform\mplab_ipe>ipecmd -TPPK4 -PATtiny402 -ORIUPDI ORS0.500 -Fc:\Tester\CSP190\TempU1.hex -M
The response is: 
DFP Version Used : ATtiny_DFP,2.2.89,Microchip
Connecting to MPLAB PICkit 4...
Currently loaded versions:
Application version............1.10.176
Tool pack version .............1.1.774
Target voltage detected
PDI physical timed out. (25)
UPDI pin might be configured to other functionality. Try using UPDI High Voltage Activation, configured in the tool's "Communication" property page.
Programming did not complete.
Programming Target Failed.
The printout mentions the Communications property page but I have not found that.
I can get to Settings\Communications Settings for AVT or SAM devices on the GUI and set the Interface to UPDI, Speed to 0.500, and High Voltage Activation Mode to Simple High Voltage Pulse.
But that setting is not translating to the command line.
If I run the GUI, I can program through the command line until the power is removed from the module.
I expect that I am missing something, but not sure what that is.
2020/10/02 01:40:36
Are you reconfiguring the UPDI pin to Reset or GPIO in the Configurating Bits/Fuses? If you do, then you need to use the UPDI High Voltage Activation sequence to re-enable UPDI functionality.
Once the pin is brought back to UPDI mode it stays like that until the next reset (either at power toggle, or if the on-chip debugger receives a disable command which performs a SW reset). After the reset the pin will be in the mode defined by the Configuration Bits/Fuses, SYSCFG0 -> RSTPINCFG.
New parts are always delivered with the pin configured as UPDI, so the first time it is programmed there should be no need for the UPDI HV Activation sequence.
2020/10/02 11:51:20
We have the pin configured as an input in the application.
If we reconfigure the Configuration Bits/Fuse, should it act like it was never programmed again.
Does MPLABX IPE have an option to do this through the command line?
Is there is a way to do HV pulse from MPLABX IPE command line after it is already programmed?
2020/10/05 01:14:24
The UPDI High Voltage Activation sequence is a way to temporarily change the pin to UPDI mode. To have the pin configured as UPDI after Reset and power-up you configure SYSCFG0 -> RSTPINCFG to UPDI.
As far as I know the UPDI High Voltage Activation sequence is not supported in MPLABX IPE command line yet.
2020/10/05 07:43:56
Thank You.
2020/10/07 02:06:44
IPE-GUI got High Voltage Activation mode option under setting, however IPE-CMD has no switches to enable this feature.

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