2020/09/26 05:43:04
P Lameijn
Has anybody used pictik2/3 with standalone gui to program a pic24fj1024ga110?
I know pickit3 can do so with MPLABX-IPX, but I absolutely hate that program...
Would be nice it it could be done with the standalone GUI.
(IPE isn't as simple for endusers as the standalone GUI)
Could it be added with the devicelist
2020/09/26 06:38:24
This chip family is on the list for PICKitPlus software.  The list is listed here on GitHub:  https://github.com/Anobium/PICKitPlus
If someone does that a PICKit2/3 parts database with support for this chip family.   Please send through and then I merge into the latest release.
2020/09/26 06:49:58
P Lameijn
I don't see the chip there (the GA4xx and GA6xx are quite special chips with dual boot)
2020/09/26 07:14:38
I will add to the mega list.
Maybe, someone has already sorted in the past.  :-)
2020/09/26 08:32:10
P Lameijn
I'll wait with buying PK+ until they are added.
Hopefully soon, would be great...
2020/09/26 08:39:06
My list of work is mega.
We are just about to release PICKitPlus for Linux,
then, we start PICKitPlus for Pi.
Busy.  :-) 
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