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2020/09/25 14:16:19
Is Harmony absolutely the only way to get source code to interface with ATWINC3400-MR210CA? (Apart from using Atmel design tools). The documentation I have found for this module only refers to source files that it is mysteriously assumed you have already. And only the Atmel software design guide gives some examples of what happens at the SPI level, although these are not complete explanations of the SPI interface (what commands do what, etc.).
I'm dealing with a new device design that includes this module and writing code for a PIC32MX570F512L. There's also a cell module that talks over UART (and potentially USB later on). I already have the cell functioning the way we need it. At the moment, I am looking for a quick and easy way to get the MAC ID from this module for printing labels, but it is not looking like I'm going to find it.
Anybody out there have any relevant insights?
2020/09/30 14:06:39
Rats! I was hoping someone who checks these forums regularly would have had experience with this module. I guess I'll have to explore the trouble ticket option. If there is someone out there that is already using Harmony, could you verify for me that Harmony actually has options for ATWINC3400-MR210CA? If it doesn't, I would rather hear about before downloading and installing.
2020/10/01 15:43:15
I now have a support case opened and it appears that Harmony does have support for ATWINC3400-MR210CA:
"If MPLAB is used as development environment, then harmony is the recommended framework. Harmony also contains example applications for winc3400."
Also, FreeRTOS is not a requirement:
"No, there is no need of using FreeRTOS. WINC driver along with SPI peripheral is enough to communicate between MCU and WINC."
Unfortunately, the Harmony support is for SAM (Atmel?) devices, so you have to translate to PIC32:
"The default applications present in the Harmony Framework is made for SAM devices that have to be ported to PIC devices in your case."
Now I just need to find out if the latest Harmony will work with MPLABX 5.25, which I'm currently using, or if I will need to upgrade MPLABX as well.
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