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2020/09/08 09:43:11
MC Team suggests me to develop this MCU Lora chip.  The application frequency spectrum can be programmed through its firmware.  It is actually a Software Defined Radio chip.  Thus, you don't have to re-program it for every business region.
Lets discuss.
SAMR34 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit
2020/09/10 09:17:48
By the way, who is hosting his own Lora Network Server and Application Server?
It seems that commercial Lora Servers are quite expensive.
MC support has recommended these open-sourced Lora Network Servers to me.
2020/10/11 22:01:17
Update version is here - WLR089 Xplained Pro with more antenna options.
2020/12/15 14:39:50
I've started working with the SAMR34 Xplained Pro.   Running the LORA_P2P example.
Working to get multiple nodes to pass unicast status to one node acting as master (PANC).
...so far the pktRSSI's reported on incoming broadcast msgs seem odd?  0xc2 for close and 0x9c for 55m away! ??
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