2020/08/10 06:59:33
Has anyone been able to successfully use whitelisting with an Android device.  I have done some preliminary investigations into a product I am developing.  I would like the product to be capable of whitelisting a single client so that it only reconnects with that client until the peripheral is instructed to break the bond.
I can connect and bond with the client; however, when I add the bond to the whitelist using the JB command, the client (Android) is no longer able to connect.  It appears that the address is being randomized and is unresolvable.  The JB command specifically says that it is capable of resolving this, but I have had no success.
I just need to know now if I will have to "cook" a secondary solution at the application level.
Thanks in advance.
2020/09/30 01:14:15
I have the same problem both with Android and iOS. There's a little difference though, because while Android phones will stop working right away when added to the white list, iOS phones will work correctly for a few minutes and then they also stop connecting.
Then, as soon as the white list is disabled, the phones are able to connect again, without having to bond again.
I am using a RN4871 updated to the latest FW version (currently v1.40) with factory settings.
Has anyone been able to make the white list to work correctly?
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