2020/07/30 21:46:35
In my current project I have to use ATECC508A for storing 8 bytes of password. I did not configure the config zone and not locked too.Data zone also not locked. I tried to write the data zone slot number from 8 to 15 for storing the password. All the attempts I did was a failure.
I am using microchip provided cryptoauth libraries for interaction with ATECC508A. I am using yocto linux as os platform.
Please let me know how can I store 8 bytes of data in ATECC508A chip.Please let me know a procedure.
Thanks & Regards
Vijith G Kurup
2020/09/11 11:43:07
Hello Vijith,
> I did not configure the config zone
You cannot write any data before configuring and locking the config zone.
You need to follow these steps:
* Write configuration zone.
* Lock configuration zone (cannot be undone!)
* Write initial data to data+OTP zone
* Lock data zone (cannot be undone!)
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