2020/03/13 09:06:00
SciLab, XCOS and X2C Free Edition
Scilab and X2C Open Source Modeling, Code Generation & Debug Tools
X2C v6
demo-models and library for
ANY Microchip 16 and 32 bit device,

this includes all Atmel Cortex devices
2020/03/13 09:09:24
SciLab == MATLAB
XCOS == Simulink
X2C Free Edition == Embedded Coder
I hope the former will become a rival of the latter.
2020/03/15 11:15:15
If you don't try this tool chain, it is your Loss!
SciLab == MATLAB
XCOS == Simulink
X2C Free Edition == Embedded Coder
Microchip has developed some blocks for SciLab, Xcos and X2C. Check my attachment!

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2020/11/21 03:35:36
Great tool for motor control design. it will be better if more documents about it...
that X2C scope just like the Freemaster from NXP/freescale, very convinient for monitoring/modifing vars during MCU running. but still dont know how to make it work without MCC/harmony configration.
2020/11/24 04:26:16
There are some free documentation for it.  Please check here:
If your model is not very complicated, this tool chain can save you much money over MATLAB.
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