2019/12/06 00:57:54
Hi All,
Newbie on the MPLAB Xpress, but can't set it up.
Went to the webpage, opened an exmple project from the Microchip website, says it requires MCC.
Pressed the MCC button on the IDE and it downloaded and installed the file? plugin? whatever. Then it asked for a token.
I entered the token.
It says "We could find an active IDE session or your Token is not valid." Presumably a typo... We could NOT... ?
It tells me to go to tools menu to find the Token - and it's the same one that keeps on coming up invalid.
So, where do I get a valid token? How do I install MCC? Presumably it's not that hard and I'm doing something stupid, because a search of the forum gave no hits, so no-one else had the same problem.
Thanks in advance,

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2019/12/06 06:47:39
Are you logged in? Watch this microchip video to learn how to use MCC with MPLAB Xpress: https://youtu.be/b7lH5KAgE9g
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