2019/01/30 08:40:29
I'am working with the ATM90E36A and ATM90E32AS Thee phase Energy meter project. I have seen that SPI SDO is always on high impedance state. so no response from ATM90Exxx. 

2020/11/05 03:18:58
Dear sir,
we are making schematic with ATM90E32AS-AU-Y for 3 Phase Energy metering. Hear  R,Y,B 3wire 3 Phases with 750V/50Hz, but your reference schematic 13th Pin VAP ,17th Pin VCP & 15Th,16th pins short and given to GND. the resistor divider network given to A & C Phases B Phase given to GND.
When 750V Appling 15,16 pins will damage? give me clarification how it will work.
If ATM90E32AS-AU-Y Chip set is not suitable please suggest settable part.
2020/12/11 16:21:38
The ASIC is designed to operate at millivolts level, you will need to setup suitable voltage divider ladder and transient suppression to protect the ASIC. The maths for the voltage divider is R1/(R1 + R_ladder) * 750v = 240mV. Choose R_ladder to provide the required drop and consider cumulative error from resistor tolerances and the need to calibrate after assembly. 
Please see my DIN rail energy monitor for 240v here : https://github.com/whatnick/DIN_Rail_EnergyMonitor
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