2019/01/11 04:16:25
To find out if your device is supported by an MCC library, all you need to do is to check out the Release Notes of that particular library. The library Release Notes can be reached as follows:
  • go to www.microchip.com/mcc
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Current/Archive Download tab to find your library version
  • under the Release Notes column click on the corresponding link -> the library Release Notes in PDF format opens
  • inside the PDF file, find the Supported Devices section and check if your device is supported by that library version.
  • in case your device is not supported and your library version is not the latest one, go to the Current Download tab and see if the latest version supports it.


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2019/01/11 10:40:10
This question has come up over and over. Thanks for posting this info. Hope it will assist people in need.
2019/09/10 20:24:47
Hi, my device is not supported (PIC24F16KL402).
What can I do to generate the code to handle SPI, UART, and microSD file handling?
2019/10/30 03:39:56
Every time I click on release notes I get sent to a page saying:
The document you are trying to download does not exist. Please try later.
Is this me or Microchip?
2019/10/30 03:52:07
The release notes for MCC itself are at http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/release_notes_mcc_3_85_1.pdf
and work fine for me.
The release notes for the "PIC10 / PIC12 / PIC16 / PIC18 MCUs" should be at https://www.microchip.com/mymicrochip/filehandler.aspx?ddocname=en1000619
but that fails for me too.
The "PIC24 / dsPIC33 / PIC32MM MCUs" and "PIC32MX MCUs" Releases Notes are both ok.
2019/11/13 09:14:08
2019/11/13 12:19:40
The original link (that failed for me two weeks ago) now redirects to that link and successfully downloads the document now.
Microchip often have a day or so "transition" period where new documents don't appear to everyone worldwide at the same time. Something to do with the Akemai web service.
2019/11/13 12:29:46
... ache-my web service ...?
2019/11/13 12:32:19
https://www.akamai.com/ is a web distribution service that Microchip have used for years.
They use web server farms distributed around the world, and occasionally (seems like often) have problems with them not all synched to the same versions of pages.
2019/11/13 12:58:47
I know about Akamai.
That's the source of all these videos and music my grand-nephew and his sister were filling my network with (when I shared it with them and their mother)  :(
The issue might be more on the Akamai side: I assume they're synching during phases of low(er) load - typically during the local late night/morning. As synching is a sequential process, also depending on available bandwidth on both ends, there's always a chance you may fall into the "synch gap".
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