2018/11/08 03:17:50
Please be aware there is a compatibility issue between MCC and some of the applications which make use of the Mac OS X Accessibility interface  (i.e. HyperDock, Magnet). Depending on the hardware configuration and the suite of Accessibility-using applications running at a given time, users might experience a hanging behavior either when starting or using MCC. We are actively looking into a solution.
Workaround: The easiest way would be to stop all apps which make use of the Apple Accessibility interface before starting MCC. If this is not an option, you may want to start closing Accessibility-based applications one by one. Not all of the these apps cause MCC to hang, so identifying which applications in particular cause the behavior would help keeping the rest of them running along with MCC. 
How to disable an Accessibility-based application: Using the Apple menu, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility and un-check the application you want to disable. See attached screenshot.
If you continue to experience issues after disabling all Accessibility-based applications, please report them to mcc_support@microchip.com. Don't forget to include the information specified here.

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